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Don't even think anything nice on the Orange Line; you'll only jinx it

Karen checks in this morning from Oak Grove:

Was about to say this was the least problematic Orange Line commute in weeks. Then the train wouldn't move.

Eric Wildman adds:

What you don't want to hear on the Orange Line: "Sorry guys, this train just won't move, you will need to use the other train."

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I dared to take the Orange Line this afternoon around 4:00 for a mere couple of stops - going from Chinatown to Back Bay, to make a 4:30 appointment. After the doors closed at Chinatown, the train lurched forward a bit, then -- stopped incredibly abruptly (and it didn't SOUND good, if you know what I mean). And we sat there for what seemed forever (though it was probably only 3 minutes or so), then we finally went on. After that, no problems, But for a minute there, I really was thinking I shoulda walked instead...;-)

Well, there WAS another issue, when getting off at Back Bay. The door I chose to leave from only opened on one half (hate that, lol) - and some idiot dude was standing on the platform, RIGHT IN FRONT OF THE OPEN DOOR, and he just wouldn't budge. After a few seconds of face-off, I said a polite but pointed "excuse me" and finally was able to make it off the train. What I wanted to say was "get out of the f--ing way, stupid, and let us off the damn train." I still think I should have. ;-)

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