Dorchester school aide arrested - but not for that alleged lewd behavior with an autistic student

Boston Police report arresting LaShawn Hill, a teacher's assistant at the Harbor Pilot Middle School, tonight on charges of larceny and forgery in connection with a series of computer thefts at the school.

He is scheduled for arraignment on the charges tomorrow in Dorchester District Court.

Hill's arrest at a Howe Street residence around 8 p.m. came after he was charged with lewd and lascivious behavior for an incident in which he and the 14-year-old student were allegedly found with their pants undone. Police, however, said the computer-theft charges were unrelated to the investigation into that case, for which Hill had been issued a summons to appear in court.

The Dorchester Reporter reports Hill faced an investigation into a similar incident at the King K-8 School last year. School officials are now in the process of terminating Hill's employment.

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School Daze

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How bad is crime in the Boston Public Schools, do they have to list the number of sexual assaults? How many bully beatdowns get reported and how many laptops and phones get stolen. I was told by an inspector on the T that a female cop was set upon and beaten and had her phone stolen by a gang of students at Forest Hills the other day.

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This is really frustrating

If one of these packs approaches you, and attacks you, how do you defend yourself? It seems as though the court system will side with the attackers, and you'll be punished for defending yourself.

I'm also curious as to why a gang of students wanted one cell phone. Do they plan on passing it around to one another?

Check out Idiocracy. Many times, it feels as though we're headed down this path:

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Hill LIVES in a family daycare

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Which should be concentrated on here is why they are ONLY looking at the school.
Hill LIVES in a family daycare, what about those kids?
Putting him on administrative leave isn't curbing whatever sick nasty desires he has but giving him MORE access to children that are already in his home and defenseless!!!!

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