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Dr. Kurosawa to the Licensing Board, stat

Accounts from Boston Police and a bouncer at an East Boston bar agree on only one point: Two guys threatened the bouncer with a gun after they were denied entrance one July night.

But which version of the truth the Boston Licensing Board accepts could determine whether Medallo, a Colombian bar on Chelsea Street. has to suffer any punishment, such as a warning or license suspension.

According to a Boston Police account read at a hearing today by Lt. Eric Eversley, the bouncer told police that he denied the Chelsea men entry around midnight on July 25 because they had been banned a few months earlier and that one of the two responded by pulling out a black gun, maybe a Glock, and "worked the slide" or arming it. The manager, according to the police account, then let them in, and they proceeded to give out cards advertising their prostitution business.

Because of the report, the restaurant was cited for assault with a dangerous weapon on an employee, failur to call police and allowing a patron with a firearm on the premises.

Speaking through an interpreter, however, the Spanish-speaking bouncer agreed that while the men did threaten him for barring them, it happened nowhere near the restaurant. He said that after helping to close up around 2 a.m., he walked home - and found himself followed by the two guys in a car. He said the gun display happened outside the steps to his apartment - and that a few days later, they spotted him again walking around the neighborhood and that one pointed his finger at him as if to shoot and promised to "get him."

He denied that the manager let the men in or that they distributed cards advertising companionship services.

Medallo owner Hugo Arrango said the first he head of the incident was when he got the citation a few days later from police.

Board Chairwoman Nicole Murati Ferrer asked the bouncer, "Did you change your story because you feel you're going to get into trouble with Medallo?"

"No," he replied.

"Did you tell employers about this?" she asked.

"No," he said again.

The board could make its decision in a week or two. Board members Suzanne Ianella and Milton Wright were not present today; they will listen to a recording of the hearing and then join Ferrer in deciding what, if anything, to do.

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Here's a suggestion: How about feeling sorry for the guy WHO GOT A GUN PULLED ON HIM WHILE HE WAS WALKING TO HIS HOME? Does some guy on the Internet really have to be the one to tell you how to feel?

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The bouncer originally told police that this happened at the bar and that the restaurant let these 2 thugs in to advertise their business.

Then, the restaurant got written up on a citation for it.

Now, the bouncer suddenly recants and says that all of it happened off company time (surprise, surprise).

Clearly, the restaurant screwed up and laid into the bouncer and told him to lie so as to hopefully move the transgressions out of their venue so they can deny it ever happened...but it's too late, the cat was out of the bag the first time when the bouncer told the cop everything. The bouncer was a victim when he was threatened at the door...but now he's just a culpable liar who shares only the minor sympathy that he is probably being threatened with his job if he doesn't recant his original statement to police so the restaurant doesn't have to deal with a seriously messed-up situation of its own making.

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The only mistake I made was in that saying he got the gun pulled on him offsite. But an unarmed man still had a gun pulled on him at his workplace. I hope that comes into play in the hearing. Not much you can do about that.

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Did you say "licensing board?"

I think many of us would appreciate an accompanying photo.

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...it didn't get out of hand...or it would have been Rashoshootings...

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... on when we first saw Rashomon. ;~}

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