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Election notes: What if they gave an election and nobody came?

David Bernstein ponders this fall's low-key municipal elections: Will we break 2007's record low turnout of under 14%?

One place where the turnout might be higher is District 3 in Dorchester, where seven people want to replace Maureen Feeney. The Bay State Banner surveys the crowd.

Mike Ball reports that even a veteran pol like City Council President Steve Murphy takes time off from politicking - in Ball's case, at his son's wedding.


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How apathetic do people have to get before their non-participation is considered a withdrawal of consent to be governed by the winners of these beauty pageants? Elections are government's way of getting your invested in the regime so that you kneel and kiss the ring when the time comes. Don't be fooled.

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Please advocate for the release of the full transcript of the public meeting of Boston City Council.

Budgeted for with public funds, more complete than minutes, easier to read through than watching video, the stenographic machine records Councilors' deliberations, all the Councilors' words in the public meeting of City of Boston City Council. The original stenographic machine record shouldn't be removed from City Hall. The original stenographic machine record shouldn't be taken home by any staff or contracted staff or consultant or vendor. Processing of the stenographic machine record should be done on site at City Hall or a copy used for processing outside City Hall. The City should comply with state and city records preservation and records management guidelines at http://www.sec.state.ma.us/arc/arcrmu/rmuidx.htm

Previous enquiries for the stenographic machine record have been met with denial, delay, deflecting and uncooperative attitude contrary to the spirit of principles of good records management and open government. Improvement is needed that responses to enquiries aren't short shrifted with incomplete information.

The computerized stenographic machine. Public meeting of Boston City Council.

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The blog stated that Murphy brought his girlfriend, Bridget. I thought Murph the Smurf was married?????

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Steve Murphy wedding crasher...hope he brought a gift. Must have taken his gal on a date...free meal, open bar?

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Not married since 2006.

As for freebies, they brought good will and conversation in response to my invitation. They greeted the groom but did not eat or drink. Nice folk...

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