Flaming tracks in Coolidge Corner

Track fire in Coolidge Corner

Sara watched the burning tracks in Coolidge Corner shortly before 7 p.m. today.

Channel 4 reports one trolley drove right over the fire - on purpose.




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Anyone catch evening news?

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Did any of you catch the evening news tonight about this fire?

All I caught was the very end of the story where the anchor was saying something about some guy sending in a photo of a fireman who waved a train through the fire or something...

They made a joke about how the picture taker "saw something and said something" about the Brookline fireman and there was some sorta investigation going on now, maybe?

I wish I'd caught more of the story, but I can't find anything about it online.

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Its a switch heater fire,

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Its a switch heater fire, trolleys have been putting those out by driving over them for about a 100 years. Some gas-fired switch heaters used on main line freight railroads actual have a visible flame as part of the design and trains oprate over thm with no problem.

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