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If Forest Hills Cemetery's cultural programs are important to you, please fill out this survey

As reported here at Universal Hub and more extensively in this week's Jamaica Plain Gazette, Forest Hills Cemetery's Educational Trust has "temporarily suspended programs to engage in strategic planning". This action caused the departure of all of the Trust's paid staff. It puts the Lantern Festival, Day of the Dead, and all of the Trust's extensive historical and cultural programming in serious jeopardy.

The Trust has posted an online survey form to gather public opinion about its past programming and future directions. If you have ever attended or participated in any Forest Hills Cemetery event, please fill out this survey form and make it clear how important these programs are to you and to Boston's cultural life.

(Meanwhile, if you write for the Globe, Herald, Phoenix, Weekly Dig, or Jamaica Plain Patch -- this is an important news story! Please cover it.)

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Where are the references to the parts of flag etiquette with respect for lowering the flag this week?... for folks with a flag by their home.

Or is the lowering this week only for being observed on public property?

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This is probably the weirdest, most off-topic comment you've posted yet.

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From the Educational Trust's latest email:

"For several years, the Cemetery Board has indicated that it would like to see a change in the direction of the Trust's programs. While supporting history walking tours and the popular Lantern Festival, the Cemetery has communicated that the arts and cultural programs of the Trust are not priorities. As a result, we have expanded our history programs and have not organized a new contemporary art exhibit since 2006. We feel a need to clarify our direction through a thorough planning process before we resume activities."

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