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Iguana found in Dorchester bushes

An Animal Rescue League technician tweets:

A strange scaly creature is found in the bushes of a Dorchester home..., hmmm, I wonder what it is...?

The 'strange' animal in Dorchester MA turns out to be an iguana that is claimed by an owner that was searching for him...

No word, yet, however, if this iguana, found on Bullard Street, is the same one that escaped last month from Lawn Street on Mission Hill, a little more than 3 miles away, as the iguana crawls.

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. . . bedtime kid book. Izy the Iguana would have runs in with wild turkeys, foxes, deer, and the occasional coyote, Savannah cat, or lynx- you know- the normal wild life of Boston now.

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"3 miles away, as the iguana crawls." Love it! Going to use this from now on. Hahahaha

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. . . on whether or not this was the missing pet iguana?

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