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John Connolly puts campaign sign on my property without permission

Dear Councilor Connolly,

When I arrived home (__ ___ Street, Brighton) at 6:15 this evening, I found a "Connolly for Boston" campaign sign secured to my porch railing with zip ties.

My wife tells me it was not there when she arrived home at 5:15. My three-year-old son tells me he saw "a man in a pickup truck" put up the sign.

Neither my wife nor I has spoken to anyone from your campaign or approved the placement of this campaign sign on our property.

Please explain yourself.

Furthermore, please remove this sign from our property immediately.


Jonathan Kamens

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CC: Allston-Brighton TAB


UPDATE: Connolly responded and promised to take down the sign immediately. I've posted his response, and my answer, on my blog.

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