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The lost wharf


The waterfront used to look a bit different. This photo, taken by Leslie Jones in Feburary, 1930, shows Long Wharf on the right (the three-story building just past a cluster of cars is now the Chart House), a giant warehouse where part of the Marriott Long Wharf and Christopher Columbus Park are today and the now gone T-Wharf (part of which does live on as a section of Long Wharf, near where the ferries dock).

Fishing boats docked at T-Wharf (lots and lots of fishing boats), people lived on the wharf, and the downtown skyline was rather different (consisting, as it did, of exactly one building).

Photo posted under this Creative Commons license.


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Thanks Adam, I've lead many a tour of the Waterfront for Boston By Foot so I enjoy seeing what it looked like over the years.

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