Manhunt for South End murder suspect

Thames Boston Police report they are looking for Anthony Thames, 28, for fatally shooting Raymond Lemar at E. Berkeley St. and Harrison Avenue early on the morning of Aug. 6.

Thames is described as 5'5", about 130 lbs. and with a muscular build.

If you see him, contact the homicide unit at 617-343-4470 or the anonymous tip line by calling 800-494-TIPS or texting TIP to CRIME (27463).

Innocent, etc.





Guy gets killed in "Sowa"and it's a manhunt" for the alleged killer, but only two stories down someone gets killed in Mattapan and there doesn't seem to be the same urgency. By no means accusing our beloved webmaster of anything untoward, just an observation.

Or is it me?

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It's you...

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This murder happened 3 weeks ago, Mattapan murder was this morning. It's called police work, gathering evidence, etc. I'm sure the folks in "SoWa" (When did Pine Street get so hip?) have harbored similiar concerns the past few weeks.

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The neighborhood is actually

The neighborhood is actually called Old Dover ( SoWa is the collection of buildings, businesses, shops and galleries within the Old Dover neighborhood that house many of the Galleries, boutiques, shops and a lot - but not all - of artist studios. They also support and promote the Spring Art Walk and SoWa Sundays (among other events) and are a great friend and asset to the community.

As to the murder on August 6 - we, here in Old Dover, think - no, KNOW - there was pitiful little coverage of this killing from the press other then the locals (SE News, Patch & Courant). We do know that the police have been working on the investigation, so no complaints there.

So, yes, to the original writer, you are WAY off the mark.

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It's you

Apples & oranges. Adam reported on the fact that the police announced just this morning that they have identified a suspect in a murder three weeks ago and are seeking the public's aid in tracking him down. No reason not to define that as a manhunt.

I don't see anything that suggests a lack of urgency in investigating the murder in Mattapan, which took place a few hours ago.

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