Men in tuxedos convicted of beating man to death outside downtown club

Three North Shore men were convicted today of involuntary manslaughter for the death of Jose Alicea of Hyde Park during a beatdown outside Club 33 in 2009, the Suffolk County District Attorney's office reports. A fourth man pleaded guilty to the charge last month.

Four more men still await trial on charges they helped kill Alicea and beat his friends in a post-funeral brawl during which the attackers all wore black tuxedos with red vests.

Daniel Ek and Johan Garcia of Lyn and Anthony Villalobos were found guilty by a Suffolk Superior Court jurty today, the DA's office says. Jason Benalfew pleaded guilty in the middle of the trial.

Ek, Garcia and Villalobos were also convicted of additional charges for beating three of Alicea's friends in the fight. Judge Patrick Brady will sentence Ek, Garcia, and Villalobos on March 14, the DA's office says. Benalfew is expected to be sentenced in April.





thanks for the update.

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I remember this case. I believe this is what closed 33.

Thanks for the update. I like finding the results of cases.

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Tuxes and red vests?

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Sounds like a whole different level of send off compared to an Irish wake. Boston, you've come a long way.

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