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When did they pave over Lexington Green?

A movie company hired by the Tea Party Museum will film a re-creation of the Battle of Lexington on a field just west of Richmond, Va.

The Herald summons ye olde outrage over the moviemaking, set for next month. As the Herald notes, the Tea Party Museum is getting $21 million in Massachusetts tax subsidies.

On its site, LionHeart FilmWorks claims:

The concentration of events in this 10-minute project to the events of early 1775 is allowing the Director to be able to focus on intimate details of the era and events from Lexington Green, so that it may be portrayed and illustrated with strict detail, perhaps for the first time with such detail and authenticity on screen. That is our mission.

Or maybe it's because we just don't have enough Revolutionary recreators around here. Right?

A detailed and authentic Eastern Massachusetts civilian impression is requested to most accurately portray the 77 American Patriots that stood on Lexington Green. Even though we are filming in summer, the night of April 18th and early morning of the 19th would have been more than a little chilly. Wool garments are preferred, including coats and some greatcoats.

Mmm, yeah, wool greatcoats in July in Virginia.


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Ahh yes - greatcoats in Virginia in July - maybe they can arrange it so that when anyone gets "shot" they just pass out from heatstroke for greater authenticity?

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