No happy ending for Chinatown massage parlor

Boston Police report arresting a Chinatown woman last night on charges her Hudson Street massage parlor offered a bit more than just shoulder rubs.

Police say an undercover officer, responding to "numerous complaints from community members" about sex for a fee on the third floor of 20 Hudson St. arranged for a massage around 8 p.m. yesterday:

The undercover officer, on arrival was met by an Asian woman who led him into a room and subsequently told that the price for a massage was $60.00. The undercover officer was then attended to by a second woman who then asked the officer if he required additional sexual services, it would cost him $80.00. Upon determining that this massage parlor was indeed a front for sexual services, the detective then alerted other officers who responded and detained the two parties.

Linping Gu, 50, was charged with deriving support from the earnings of a prostitute. Police say officers seized "a substantial amount of money from the suspects, ledgers and spreadsheets for the business."

Yelp review from guy disappointed he couldn't get a good massage at the massage parlor.

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