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Police: Readville shooter arrested in Atlanta

Boston Police report arresting Jerome Brody, 24, in connection with a September shooting that left a man near death on a normally quiet Readville street.

Brody was arrested with the help of U.S. marshals and will be returned to Boston to face charges of assault with intent to murder, assault and batter by means of a dangerous weapon and unlawful possession of a firearm in connection with a Sept. 8 attack in which the victim was shot eight or nine times on Millstone Street, police say.

Javann Hall of Dorchester was arrested two days after the attack. At his arraignment, prosecutors described Hall as the driver, not the shooter, and said the shooter was a member of the Orchard Park gang out to get the victim, an alleged member of the H Block gang, both in Roxbury.

Innocent, etc.

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