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Remy's roof deck could open way for lots more roof-deck dining in Fenway

The Boston Licensing Board votes tomorrow on a scaled-back proposal for rooftop seating at Jerry Remy's on Boylston Street.

Under the plans submitted to the board this morning, the restaurant would add 196 seats to its roof - down from its originally proposed 330 seats. In addition, the seats would all be for patrons wanting something to eat - the plan drops a bar on the roof.

The upstairs eating - which Remy himself told the board could be ready by May - would join the existing rooftop bar at the Baseball Tavern across the street. City Councilor Mike Ross, who represents Fenway, praised Remy for agreeing to an outdoor restaurant rather than a bar.

"With all due respects to our friend Jimmy Rooney, it's not gong to be like the Baseball Tavern," he said.

He said he likes the general idea of more rooftop tables in the area, and predicted licensing-board approval of the Remy plan would encourage other restaurant owners to submit proposals. "It celebrates our city," he said, adding, however, that other proposals could face zoning issues in addition to liquor and food license issues.

The Remy proposal calls for rooftop dining in good weather between 11 a.m. and 10 p.m.

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The fact that the original plan had to be scaled back in the first place is silly, but at least this could pave the way for more roof-top/outdoor seating. It won't be usable for a lot of the year, but it would be a great addition to summer dinning/drinking in Boston.

Kind of off-topic, but one of the things I loved about Denver and the area around Coors field when I went a few years back was all the roof decks and the great bars in that area. Fenway should be no different, despite what the "residents" all claim...

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In the face of 40,000 guests dropping by on any given weeknight, I like to feel that nearby residents have some influence on the use of the neighborhood. Remy's will do just fine with beer sales accompanied by food and a comparatively low-volume sound system for 230 attractive and well-behaved diners who came into town the T. (:O)

ETA: And Mike Ross gets more brownie points.


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Some of the best experiences drinking I've ever had have been at beer gardens (in Europe). And I'm not talking about "whoa, dude, I got so loaded and puked everywhere and passed out and did you hear how loud I could scream??" experiences.

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