Roxbury man charged with strangling woman to death in Mattapan apartment

Eldrick Broom, 27, was arrested yesterday on charges he sexually assaulted and then murdered Rosanna Camilo, a Dominican resident who had moved to Boston to obtain medical care for her young son.

Broom is scheduled for arraignment today in Dorchester District Court on charges he strangled Camilo in her 50 Fairlawn Ave. apartment on Nov. 21, the Suffolk County District Attorney's office reports. The DA's office says Broom gained access to her apartment building through an associate who had formerly lived there.

Four days after the murder, Broom was arrested in Brookline on charges of open and gross lewdness after a woman reported him urinating against a wall near the Devotion School.

Camilo, daughter of a prominent Dominican broadcaster, left three children. Her youngest son, in the apartment at the time of the murder, was found physically unharmed.

Innocent, etc.