Software company demands $30 million from former worker it claims stole its software, customer records

Envisn, a company that makes software for managing Cognos "business intelligence" systems, yesterday sued its former support manager, charging she spent a couple of hours downloading all of the company's software and customer records and then quit.

In its suit, filed in US District Court in Boston, the Harvard-based company seeks an injunction against Kathleen Davis doing anything with the data she has and $30 million in damages. Envisn charges that with her knowledge of the software, she could easily decompile the code, help a competitor come out with a cheaper version and destroy the company.

The suit alleges that on Nov. 28, starting around 6:04 a.m., Davis downloaded copies of Envisn's products - including a beta that had been given to just two customers - as well as customer records from At 8:15 a.m., the suit alleges, she e-mailed company President Charles Ryan that she was resigning, effective immediately.



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Software not worth much

Software like that is worth nothing without support.
Customer records would have some worth to a competitor.
But, $30MM?? Don't think so.

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Nabbing a list of customers sounds objectionable.
On the other hand, the plaintiff claims damages from compiled code theft. Makes the whole complaint seem fatuous. My guess is that the owners have no idea what "source code" means.

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Haven't we heard of this company before? I think they've been in the news in Massachusetts quite a bit recently. Something about one of their paid representatives enjoying his holidays this year in Kentucky, as a guest of the U. S. government, I think.

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