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State Street tower evacuated due to water leak

The Boston Fire Department reports firefighters had to evacuate all 38 stories of 60 State St. when a second-floor leak sent water flowing into the building's electrical system in the basement.

The building normally has 2,300 or so workers on a weekday, the department says, adding the evacuation went smoothly.

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. . . To get out of the office unexpectedly . . . 65 degrees outside right now.

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Any word as to if this affecting the Blue Line? (the water leak?)

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Twice in the 8 years I worked there from 1996 to 2004. One time was during that rain storm which also took out Kenmore Square. I forget the circumstances of the second incident. One day was a total loss, but as I recall we got back into the building the other time.

I also spent three hours trapped in an elevator and had to be rescued via the escape hatch.

Sorta glad I don't work in that building any more. :)

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