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Storrow Drive overpasses remain undamaged

As of 10 a.m., at any rate. New England Roadways reports it will be keeping a close eye on the bridges and will alert us should anybody win the Storrow Pool; remains confident that metal will hit concrete at some point:

It's just a matter of time.


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I followed a UHaul going east on Storrow from the Mass Pike exit to B.U. at around 10am; it just made it under the BU RR Bridge. It proceeded across the bridge into Cambridge, and took a right to Memorial Drive eastbound. I got on to Vassar St by MIT, so I didn't get to see the fate of the UHaul as it passed the Hyatt ziggurat. I think they only place you can get off of Memorial drive before the Mass Ave. underpass is Mass Ave itself, and that would just force the truck back over the Harvard bridge back to Boston.

I wonder what the fate of that truck was...

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