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WCVB, did I just see that?

While watching ABC tonight, I caught the "Extreme Makeover: Home Edition" commercial for Sunday's episode. The show goes to Texas to help a family who lost their daughter because she was texting and driving. Justin Bieber comes on the show to sign a pledge the family created to bring awareness to the cause. It's a touching moment when the dad says that his daughter may be gone but her impact continues on...

As soon as the commercial ends, a smiling Bianca de la Garza throws out the teaser for the local news tonight with this gem: "Why the texting ban may actually be harmful at 11..."

HA! Did I really just see that!? Awesome job, WCVB.

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I saw it too. It was striking. Must have been on purpose.

I thought little Bieber looked a little ashamed of himself for being on that schmaltzy show--or was I seeing things myself?


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