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West Roxbury gets third Thai place

Lunch is servedLunch is served.

Sticky Rice Cafe opened this week on Centre Street, where The King/Samia's used to be, just a short walk from Phuket and up the Street from Thai Spice. Unlike those two, however, Sticky Rice Cafe also has Japanese and Korean dishes on the menu - with sushi on the way.

If the lunch special I had today was any indication, you won't leave the place hungry, not just because the food is good (it is), but because they have such large portions. For $9.95, the chicken with cashew nuts special came with tom yum soup, a salad with peanut sauce, a golden bag, a giant amount of rice and some fried banana thing for dessert. Way more food than the comparably priced box lunch at Village Sushi in Roslindale.

The basic setup is almost identical to that of the King - a counter at which you order and some tables, although they bring your food to you if you're eating in. So it's not a fancy dinner destination like Phuket, but a step up from the two-table Thai Spice.

1894 Centre St., West Roxbury. 617-477-9628. The Web site is still under construction.

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Hooray for West Roxbury. I like laid back restaurants. And Sticky Rioe Cafe sounds almost as laid back as Phuket.

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The large-screen TV on the wall that was showing NECN while I was there (then again, the King had a large-screen TV showing Arabic music videos).

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Died long before large-screen TVs. Who you tryin to fool?

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