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Allston bar gets permission to stay open until 2, just like the other bars

The Boston Licensing Board today gave the Avenue Bar and Grill on Comm. Ave. permission to extend its closing time from 1 to 2 a.m.

Some residents of a neighboring condo building objected, as did the offices of the mayor and City Councilor Mark Ciommo, but the board agreed with owner Douglas Bacon that he's run a fine operation with no problems since he bought the place a year ago and that he deserves to offer service as late as other nearby establishments for customers getting off late shifts. Bacon told the board he would serve food right until closing.

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I'm coming around.

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I cannot figure out why the Mayor's office wants to stifle a business that's got a solid track record. It's like he's functionally retarded and wants to prohibit Boston from moving forward (however incrementally.)


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