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Another Dookhanated drug suspect arrested again

A man released on $250 bail for his fourth drug-trafficking conviction because the drugs in the case were tested by alleged disgraced chemist Annie Dookhan was back in court today after prosecutors said undercover officers bought some crack off him near Tufts Medical Center on Saturday.

Louis Anthony Williams, 30, of Roxbury was ordered held on $15,000 bail on the new charge - and had his bail on a previous case revoked - the Suffolk County District Attorney's office reports.

Williams had been released Oct. 22 during a hearing on a 2011 coke-distribution conviction. According to the DA's office:

On Saturday, plainclothes Boston Police officers in the area of Tufts Medical Center were approached by Rayshawn Morris of Jamaica Plain, who told them he could obtain drugs for them. Morris used the officers’ cell phone and contacted a man later identified as Williams.

Officers joined Morris and walked to the area of Washington Street and William E. Mullins Way. There, they watched as Morris provided Williams with $50 in pre-marked buy money. Williams in turn provided Morris with three plastic bags of a substance that field tested positive for crack cocaine.

Additional officers moved in and placed both men under arrest. Williams was carrying $912 at the time of his arrest, including the officers' marked bills. He allegedly tried to discard his phone, which still had the officers' cell phone number in its call log.

Morris was also arraigned today and was held without bail for allegedly violating the terms of probation for his own past drug conviction, the DA's office says.

Innocent, etc.

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If found guilty, sentence him to confinement at the Dookhan residence.

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