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Another Dookhanated drug defendant arrested again

QuilesUPDATE: Judge Mark Hart Summerville set bail for the watch case at $500 and denied a request from the DA's office to revoke Quiles's release on personal recognizance in the open drug case.

A man allowed freedom after the drug evidence against him turned out to have been tested by ex-chemist Annie Dookhan was arrested yesterday on charges he and a pal stole 13 watches from the Downtown Crossing Macy's.

Transit Police report officers' attention was aroused when they spotted two guys acting all suspicious on a platform at the Chinatown Orange Line stop around 10:15 a.m. yesterday:

[The two] were huddled together in what appeared to be an attempt to hide something from passersby. The officers walked in their direction and observed both males holding several wrist watches with the "tags" still affixed. Upon noticing the officers [Jose] Correano and [Luis] Quiles attempted to stuff the watches into their pockets and began to walk away from the officers. The officers caught up to both subjects and engaged them in conversation. It was determined the watches, 13 in total, had recently been stolen from Macy's department store located a short distance away. Quiles confirmed he was just inside Macy's and ultimately admitted to stealing the merchandise.

Quiles was set to plead guilty to drug-distribution charges on Sept. 6, when prosecutors asked for a continuance because his evidence had been Dookhanated, the Suffolk County District Attorney's office reports. Quiles allegedly sold heroin to an undercover officer near the St. Francis House - around the corner from Macy's.

Quiles is scheduled to be arraigned on the theft charges in Boston Municipal Court today.

He is at least the fourth man in Suffolk County to be arrested after a Dookhan release.

Innocent, etc.



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The state lab just sent over the results. What we thought were 13 wristwatches turned out to be 150 land mines. Book 'em.

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For the crime of larceny, I sentence him to 18 months confinement to the Dookhan home.

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