Bad Penny Pops Up at Gaming Commission

In an article today in the Daily Hampshire Gazette, "Northampton Mayor David Narkewicz opposes Holyoke casino" about a casino proposal for Mountain Park on Mount Tom, we find an old penny in the spokesperson slot:

Elaine Driscoll, spokeswoman for the Gaming Commission, said it has yet to establish such protocols. The commission is scheduled to consider that topic when it meets during the week of Dec. 10, she said. read more

Elaine Driscoll is the spokesperson who had a less than competent understanding of the state of Massachusetts law in her capacity as spokesperson for the Boston Police Department as it related to recording police officers in the course of duty in places as public as the Boston Common, and also the facts in the case she issued a statement about. See "BPD seems determined to suppress First Amendment rights of citizen journalists" Universal Hub, 4/16/2012 for more information, excerpted here:

It is extremely disheartening to read BPD spokesperson Elaine Driscoll refer to the issue as a 'nuance' of the Massachusetts wire-tapping statute instead of as an adjudicated, decided, and reaffirmed in Federal Circuit Court as a First Amendment Rights issue.

First, Paul Wieskel was not recording video to my knowledge, so spokesperson Elaine Driscoll's claim that the issue could have anything to do with the Mass. wiretapping statute is basically bullshit. And second, the issue framed as a criminal wiretapping violation by the official spokesperson of the Boston Police Department, even though its been decided in the Massachusetts court of law and reaffirmed in Federal circuit court that it is NOT A VIOLATION of the Massachusetts wiretapping statute, is nothing short of infuriating. read more

Let's hope she works hard and gets it right in her new job.



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