Bear roaming along 128

Shortly before 7 a.m. today, Ben Ostrander tweeted:

Whoa, I just saw a black bear on the side of 95 south in Dedham near Legacy Place!

Sheeps Eating Me followed up around 9:20 a.m.:

I just saw a BLACK BEAR on Rt 109 in Dedham by 128. What???

About 8 minutes later, Nichole Davis tweeted:

Environmental police have been dispatched to find the bear roaming on 109 near 128 in Dedham. Stay safe Cape Cod Bear, or warn your cousin.

The bear sightings come just a day after residents in Medfield - just down 109 from Dedham - spotted a bear.

Ed. question: You think maybe the bear is trying to find Ursuline Academy?


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If there is a bear

Tie down your garbage and pickanic baskets, and the giant cousins of the raccoons will forage elsewhere.

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Bear headed towards Ursuline!

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I'm a proud graduate of Ursuline and that picture of graduation sort of freaks me out. Do they make the girls all have the same hair now? Did the Borg get them? Stepford perhaps?

When I was there we had people with blue spiky hair, long hair, bobs, shags, pixies (me!), preppy girls in headbands and everything in between.

One thing we certainly did not allow was a red sash. For shame! We wear white at graduation to symbolize our purity and honor. Red? What are you? Girls of easy virtue?

Hey ladies, just kidding. See you out at the pond for a smoke during lunch.

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