Better hurry: State's supply of marijuana sales-tax stamps is running low

The state Department of Revenue alerts us it continues to sell marijuana sales-tax stamps even though a 1998 Supreme Judicial Court decision made use of the tax on the illegal weed illegal, since it was only the lack of stamps on their products that got pot dealers in trouble and that amounted to double jeopardy.

Who is buying a stamp that has no valid legal purpose, given the SJC decision? Stamp collectors. Some purchasers sell the stamps as collectibles on web-based auction sales sites for as much as $20.

If you'd like to order your collectible, gag gift or stocking stuffer -- and folks, supplies are running low, so act now since DOR will not re-order the useless stamps once they are gone -- you can obtain them by downloading DOR form CST-1, Marijuana and Controlled Substances Stamp order form and mailing it to DOR at the address listed on the form.

Via Franklin Matters.



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