Eating his way through the food trucks of Boston

Armed with an April food-truck schedule, David at Limeduck is attempting to sample the offerings from each truck. He starts with a visit to the venerable Savory Food Truck 1, which was dishing up Chinese food at MIT probably long before anybody at Clover was even born:

Yep, that's the stuff. Fried rice, a layer of bulk-adding cost-cutting cabbage, no more than three chunks of not-overcooked broccoli, and tons of would-be-crispy-if-n0t-drenched-in-gloopy-sauce white meat chicken. Bad for the earth styrofoam box, flimsy plastic fork. Piquant without really being spicy, served hot and fast, and filling filling filling. There's nothing Michelin-rated here except maybe the tires on the truck, but it's still a national treasure to me.



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