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Bob Ryan sums up his career

Mostly retiring after 44 years:

So why now? It's time; that’s all. I’ve covered the events I wanted to cover. I reached a goal with the Bruins' Stanley Cup run in 2011 to have covered championships in all four primary pro sports. I've covered 29 Final Fours. London has been my 11th Olympics. I even did a dog show. I am fulfilled.

But there is something else. I occasionally come across some things I wrote years ago, and I say to myself, "I did that?" And I know in my heart I really couldn't match that effort today. That's all a writer needs to know.

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Bob is a great guy and a great writer. (We were at BC together.) Not sure if it was his gifted storytelling or the times in which we lived but his life has seemed to be lived in high definition, whether it was triumph or tragedy, personal or professional. He has earned the right to be in the driver's seat. Enjoy the ride Bob and make it a long one. Thanks for the memories.

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Bob wrote a great book called 48 Minutes: A Night In the Life of The NBA. I hope he does some more writing in retirement. Do writers ever retire...really?

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Great book, indeed.

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