Burglars target Dorchester high school, but miss out on some laptops when they take a Hot Pockets break

Boston Police report thieves who made off with several laptops yesterday from the Boston International High School, 100 Maxwell St. were planning on taking even more stuff, but were foiled when they took a break to warm up some Hot Pockets and set off an alarm that brought a custodian and police.

Police say a custodian was alerted to a possible problem when an alarm went off yesterday afternoon. He reset the alarm, but it went off again. This time, he noticed a black bag and that several classroom doors had broken windows.

Officers searched the building and observed numerous classroom windows broken and several computers, chargers and cords stacked in a manner that would suggest the suspect/s were planning to take them. While the officers cleared the building they observed two recently cooked 'Hot Pockets' in a classroom where the computers were stacked. The Hot Pockets were still warm. After a complete search of the building, no suspects were located.

Police say an inventory showed several missing MacBooks and LCD projectors and vandalism to several offices. They did not specify the kind of Hot Pockets the burglars had warmed up.