Car rollovers, couch, deer clog Rte. 3

Playing the role of Rte. 24 today is Rte. 3, which State Police advise ground to a near halt shortly before noon due to an apparently unrelated trio of incidents:

A rollover northbound near Derby Street sent two people to the hospital. Ten minutes later, a couch on top of a vehicle fell off on the southbound side of the same stretch of road, which forced a driver to swerve to avoid the sudden menace, only the car then rolled over as well, sending two more people to the hospital, with minor injuries.

Not long after, a car hit a deer on the northbound side by Exit 13 in Hanover. State Police add:

The deer ran off into the woods after causing damage to the vehicle.

Motorists are no doubt being advised to be alert for incoming meteors and newly erupting volcanoes.

UPDATE: No meteors yet, but there was a dishwasher.



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Oh deer

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I have to go to Whole Foods at Derby Street in Hingham tonight. It's not enough that I have to fight and claw my way to the meat counter to get lamb chops? I have to worry about couches falling on me?

On the plus side, there is potential for some really, really fresh venison on my Thanksgiving table.

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