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Catch and release, Dookhan style

A man released from prison thanks to possible tampering of the evidence against him by former state chemist Annie Dookhan is scheduled for arraignment today on a new charge of possession of cocaine with intent to distribute, the Suffolk County District Attorney's office reports.

Torrie Haynes, 30, of Dorchester, was arrested near East Berkeley Street and Harrison Avenue Friday afternoon, the DA's office says:

At the time of his most recent arrest, Haynes was wearing a GPS monitoring device as a condition of a stay of his sentence on the earlier conviction.

Innocent, etc.

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Release...and catch?

Or maybe incomplete. Catch, release, catch...

At some point you're allowed to give up and just eat 'em,
aren't you?

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I could be a great 'biofuel' if only given the chance.

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I really wish I can truly comprehend what really go through these heads. Out for 5 minutes and already did something to go back in. Any of them actually using it as a second chance?

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They are all innocent in the eyes of the law, given that the convictions were based on phony evidence. Also, some of the samples that were available for retest contained no drugs at all - the people who were arrested would not have been prosecuted.

Yes, there seem to be a fair number of idiots who just can't find anything better to do given that they (likely) got away with something once ... but those are all fun headlines, no? Don't forget that some of the Dookhinated lot hadn't violated the law to start with. That's why they all got let loose to start with - and it is also how the US legal system was set up to protect the innocent at the cost of letting the guilty go free (until they go right back to their old tricks ...).

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Yes Swirly, I get the ideal of "innocent until proven guilty". I know the Enlightenment thinker that leads to the rise of the value in the US and the statistical reality that to minimize innocents getting wrongly convicted, it means some guilty have to go free.

I am not talking about that. Thus I am not missing that Swirly.

This is exasperation at the people who are getting the most luckiest second chance they can get hope and immediately wasting it. It is exasperation that I cannot comprehend their minds - apparently no sense of guilt or fear to coming from prison or going back or what they engage in.

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