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City councilor: Case of the wife-beating headmaster last straw, school superintendent should resign

The Dorchester Reporter talks to at-large Councilor John Connolly, who says the Rodney Peterson case - especially the revelation that Johnson did nothing to discipline him even after he pleaded guilty - is just the latest in a string of "bad decisions," and proof she needs to go.

Earlier today, Johnson said she now regrets not taking action against Peterson, at the time co-headmaster of the O'Bryant School.

Connolly is chairman of the council's education committee.


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Peterson's domestic battery ended his relationship and put him in the judicial system. He was found guilty and as part of his sentence, must confront his own failure and work to rehabilitate.

Carol Johnson made a judgment that his domestic and legal problem was not interfering with his work at exam school John D. O’Bryant School of Mathematics & Science in Roxbury.

The petition insinuates that Rodney Peterson should have been dismissed on moral grounds by Superintendent Carol Johnson based on his fitness for the position. But it does not spell out the argument why. It does not say why the principal is not doing or capable of doing, a good job. The argument focuses on the superintendents discretion in handling the situation, not the reasons behind her decision.

In essence, the petition states that Superintendent Carol Johnson should be dismissed because she did not dismiss Rodney Peterson and because she handled the the issue with discretion. Her discretion is characterized as a sign of implicit guilt rather than appropriate professional conduct.

I understand the importance of moral stature as a factor of leadership in a superintendent and principal. And I firmly believe Carol Johnson is responsible for the judgment she made about Rodney Peterson. By responsibility, I mean that if Rodney fails at his job, Johnson is accountable.

I think John Connolly has made a threadbare case for Carol Johnson's ouster. He cites this issue as the "very worst" in “a pattern of bad decisions,” without explaining why the decision is so egregious.

His other complaints include "school closures and re-locations, recurrent busing crises, the stocking of expired cafeteria food, and state funding lost by mismanagement"

I'd like to hear from the Mayor and the school board before I jump on John Connolly's band wagon.

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