Driving a cab at night in Boston kind of sucks



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I have to say

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the number of cabbies who take advantage of students are probably greater than those who get taken advantage of.

As an undergrad (and sober!) I was frightened by so many cab drivers who wouldn't let me out at my destination, or who got into fights with other drivers, that I now feel safer taking the T late at night than I do getting in a car with a strange man.

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I call "shenanigans!"

While Brown said he does not hear too many specific complaints of drunken students vomiting in cabs, he said many kids skip out on fares.

“It’s about 45 percent who end up not paying out of all rides, I’d say, so yes, it is significant,” he said. “We get a lot of complaints from drivers about kids just jumping out of the cab or saying they’ll be right back with money and never coming back.”

Bullshit. Almost half of all students (or people of college-age-appearance) skip out on their fares? This doesn't pass the laugh test. I wonder if they're squaring up their arguments for another fare increase with the city?

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He may have meant that

But both a casual read and a parsing of his statement make clear that he said that 45% of students don't pay, although the inference is that this is only during the evening shift.

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