Giant bug swarms in Dedham, Quincy, God knows where else

Jef Taylor reported around 6:20 p.m.:

Big flying ant emergence happening in Dedham now. These at definitely ant alates, big females with distended abdomens and tiny darker males.

Colleen Dillon checked in not long after from Quincy:

BIG swarm In West Quincy!

You may recall the endless swarms of icky little bugs around the same time last year.


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I had dinner at my folks'

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I had dinner at my folks' house in Randolph last night. When I was washing the dishes I noticed several of the little effers at the window by the sink - then we went in the living room and saw a crapload swarming around the light. We spent a solid hour killing them, sweeping them up, etc. It was positively disgusting!!!

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