Hey, how about a casino in Everett?

The Globe reports Steve Wynn, who couldn't convince Foxboro to let him and Robert Kraft build a casino there, is now looking at a parcel in Everett. Of course, given the way the state's casino law is written, he'd first have to have a Thunderdome-like death match with the people behind the Suffolk Downs proposal.



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As a citizen of Everett, I found this article pretty intriguing. The city is actually going through a public hearings process right now to see what folks would like to see happen with this whole area of Everett (lower Broadway). The area is mostly industrial and frankly, not very appealing. It'd be great to see something cool done with it. If Wynn stays interested and Everett says yes, I'm sure there will be a long proposal process; and if it gets that far, I'd love to hear their plan for handling increased traffic. It's pretty bad up and down that stretch of Rt. 99 right now (partly b/c of the Alford St. bridge construction, but it was bad even before that).

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