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Historic Dorchester farmhouse condemned

Yes, of course, Dorchester has a historic farmhouse. Just not one fit for human habitation anymore.



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Dorchester has many historic places as it's one of the oldest communities in the nation -

there is a wee national park just up the street from the Eire Pub (it's an old house open for tours, but a national park just the same)

there is an historic house being renovated by North Bennett St. school on pleasant street - also an old farm house....it's also for sale

Don't forget the Blake House in Edward Everett Square - think it's one of the oldest houses in the state, if not the nation.

First mill at Lower Mills (where the great great great great grandfater of Ben Bradlee (Washington Post fame) made his fortune on a cider mill)

Lots of historic stuff in Dorchester...

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I was in this house several years ago. From the little bit I saw, it was definitely in salvageable condition then, but the woman who owned it kept cats and, my god, the SMELL. I couldn't get past two rooms on the ground floor. I also understood that the woman who owned the house was in the process of moving out (or had recently died) and her heirs were unloading the property. I could be wrong about that.

There was a barn and yard full of junk (this had been owned by someone who operated an architectural salvage business at one point--either on the site or somewhere else in the city.) I imagine that if the heirs had done no work on the property since then, it would not be realistic to expect anyone to live there.

If I remember correctly, the house was landmarked after there was a push by the then owners to demolish the building. It's on a big site, and back when I was involved (this had to be 2004-ish) this would surely have been attractive to developers looking to build a few houses on the land.

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should read "crack house".

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