If we were a third-world country, riders could just climb on the roof

Today's MBTA tales of woe come from the Franklin Line, where "mechanical problems" caused big delays and major crowding:

Suzie Mac, an hour late for work, reports:

Stopped at Norwood Central and train too full to let passengers on! Left them on the platform!

State Rep. Dan Winslow, a regular on the line, adds:

We're crammed on like sardines on Franklin train. Three train routes combined on one @mbtaGM? Why ^ breakdowns?



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Kind of silly for a state legislator to complain

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The state legislature has been chronically underfunding the T for years, and now this state rep is wondering why things aren't working well?

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I appreciate the real time

I appreciate the real time nature of Twitter comments, but am wondering how Rep. Winslow is using his position as an influential State Rep to address the flacid performance of the MBTA's commuter rail other than coining great metaphors like "crammed in like Sardines"?

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