Leaf it to Revere: Man charged with playing city agencies for saps in tree-trimming contract scam

A Revere man was indicted this week on charges he won contracts from Revere city agencies to trim trees by submitting high bids from dummy companies - and then a fake insurance certificate - the Suffolk County District Attorney's office reports.

Daniel Hibbard, 52, will be arraigned Monday on a 12-count indictment for procurement fraud and presenting a false claim to a public agency for contracts he won from the city of Revere and the Revere Housing Authorit, the DA's office says.

The DA's office explains the allged scam:

Hibbard allegedly posed as his own competition in the bidding process, intentionally submitting higher bids from two of the alleged dummy companies using the names of businesses that had once operated within Massachusetts but were defunct at the time of the bids. The third used the name of a company that Hibbard had won an earlier contract with. As a result, prosecutors say, Hibbard was able to control the price the Revere Housing Authority would pay for its arborist services and obtained $30,550 in payment over three years.

In 2009, Hibbard won a multi-year contract with the City of Revere to perform the city’s tree removal work. Companies providing services to the City must have liability insurance, but Hibbard’s business didn't for part of the contract period. He is additionally charged with providing the City of Revere with a falsified certificate of insurance. By fraudulently claiming to have the necessary insurance coverage, Hibbard was paid $15,100.

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...cost Revere residents a limb to get those trees removed!

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