Man winds up under train at North Quincy

A Boston man suffered serious injuries when hit by an inbound Red Line train at North Quincy around 12:15 a.m., according to MBTA Transit Police, who report they are still investigating how he wound up on the tracks:

The male, approximately 44 years of age who resides in Boston, was lying face down with his right arm extended onto the right of way/track bed area. The motorperson upon observing the male immediately put the train into emergency stop. The train made contact with the male and he had to be extricated from underneath the train by the Quincy Fire Department. The male party was transported to Boston Medical Center with severe upper torso trama and underwent surgery. Currently the male is listed in critical condition.



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Another junkie falls on the

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Another junkie falls on the tracks, fact. Heroin's one hell of a drug.

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