Medford Foodmaster to become Stop & Shop

The Boston Business Journal reports.



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Wrong Foodmaster store in photo

The article is about Johnnie's in Medford, but the photo is of Johnnie's Fresh Market on Beacon Street in Brookline (soon to become a Whole Foods).

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Kinda Surprised.

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Kinda Surprised at this. One would have guessed Market Basket would have been very interested in this location. Of course, this could also be the same reason why Stop & Shop is interested in it, just so Market Basket can't. maybe Market Basket will pick up the other non-leased stores.

But seriously, within a 2 mile radius of this store there's six Stop & Shop, do really need another one?

And of course Stop & Shop isn't going to do much to the store, except a few minor upgrades and some new signage. Considering that they plan on re-opening the store by the end of the year, one could assume they aren't going to do much to the interior, while Whole Foods must be planning on gutting all the locations they acquired as they will be closed for a year.

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Johnnies seems to be shutting down

For a relatively small, family food store chain, competition with big, capitalized chains is nearly impossible. They didn't seem to have the capital to freshen up locations to current styles and standards, nor have purchasing volumes to get the best prices from wholesalers. I wish the DeJesus family well and hope former employees get good benefits and land on their feet.

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