Menorah at Northeastern vandalized

UPDATE, 3:20 p.m: Northeastern says two students "have accepted responsibility for vandalizing the university's Menorah" and that they now face disciplinary action. Still no word on just what they did.

Northeastern President Joseph Aoun alerted his campus in e-mail this morning. He didn't specify just how the Krentzman Quad menorah was damaged, but said it's been repaired and that campus police are hunting suspects. His e-mail:

To all members of the Northeastern community:

Early this morning, a deeply disturbing incident occurred that is an affront to our university community and the values we stand for. At approximately 1:00 am, the campus Menorah on display in Krenztman Quad was vandalized.

This kind of hateful act is completely unacceptable and has no place in our community. Our Public Safety division is actively investigating this incident, and we will do all we can to identify and punish those who are responsible. We have taken immediate action to repair the Menorah and it is now back on display.

Northeastern's deep and abiding commitment to diversity in all its forms—including religious diversity - is unwavering. This disturbing incident should be an opportunity to strengthen – rather than weaken – our dedication to this deeply important value.

Every day - and especially during this season of religious observance – it is vital that we show our commitment to mutual respect and diversity. These are the values that define and enrich our community, and no act of intolerance can ever undermine that.

The vandalism took place a few hours after Christmas trees in the quad were lit for the season.



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Seriously? We aren't past

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Seriously? We aren't past this yet?

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It was probably not a hate crime

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Thursdays are boozing nights at NU. I bet tipping over stuff is HILARIOUS after a few pitchers at Connor's.

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