Moore guilty of first-degree murder in Mattapan massacre retrial

The Globe's Brian Ballou tweets. Dwayne Moore will be formally sentenced to life without parole tomorrow for the deaths of three adults and a toddler on Woolson Street in Mattapan in 2010.

"At long last, I hope the victims and their families can take some small comfort in knowing that justice was done on their behalf, Suffolk County District Attorney Dan Conley said. "This is how justice is done – not in the street, with retaliation, but in court, with the careful presentation of all the facts and all the evidence. "

Mayor Menino used the verdict to push for tighter gun control:

While nothing can undo the horrific violence that occurred in Mattapan in 2010, it is my hope that today’s ruling will give some comfort to the families of these victims, their friends and our neighbors that justice has been served. I commend the jury and the office of Suffolk District Attorney Dan Conley for their hard work. The fact remains, however, that from Mattapan to Newtown, gun violence is a cancer infecting our society. As mayor, I have seen too many lives ended and forever altered, and we should not have to endure one more senseless tragedy before we have a national policy on guns that takes away the loopholes in the laws and removes automatic weapons from our neighborhoods.




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Hat tip to the DA's office. Good guys go 1-for-2.

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So enjoy Christmas dinner in the can with some of your homies while I'm standing at Terminal C in the freezing cold holding a sign.

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