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NJ Gov Christie stumps for Sen. Scott Brown in Boston


Ahead of a pricey Boston fundraiser dinner alongside New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie, Republican U.S. Sen. Scott Brown is drawing criticism for his record on issues directly affecting gay citizens.

The criticism comes as Christie, a popular Republican, recently made headlines by vetoing a bill that passed both houses of the New Jersey legislature which would have allowed same-sex couples to wed in the Garden State.

Gay rights are one issue that Brown and Elizabeth Warren, his chief Democratic opponent in the U.S. Senate race, seem to hold differing views of.

Inexplicably, Gov Christie said the state legislature should not be passing laws like marriage equality, and that the question should be put to a popular referendum. Beyond that, Gov. Christie choose not to discuss the reasons for his decision to veto the bill. Many see through his claim that the legislature is the wrong democratically-elected institution to pass law -- well marriage equality law anyway. God knows conservatives think courts should not make decisions about marriage equality based on the constitutional principle of equal protection under the law.

Christie's claim the legislature is the wrong institution is absurd. If not the executive, legislative or judicial branch of government, then Christie seems to be saying government can't legitimately decide if gay folks can legally settle down.

The story Republicans are telling is that Scott Brown is a moderate. They don't actually say 'moderate Republican' just moderate.

But Scott Brown sponsored a bill to allow employers to veto contraception coverage, and it may go further than that. It may authorize your employer to veto any aspect of health coverage he or she but not you, find immoral. Scott Brown voted to end the payroll tax cut. He voted against the extension of unemployment insurance. He voted against the jobs bill, three times. He voted against his own jobs bill! He also voted to weaken Wall Street regulation after the worst recession since the Great Depression. Scott Brown voted against the Lilly Leadbetter equal pay for equal work legislation.

Scott Brown is no moderate.

Here is more info on Scott Brown's voting record.



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David speaks about Scott Brown's candidacy for re-election.

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for over a year, and only after it was obvious it would pass without his support.


Certainly, Senator Brown knew the stakes. He opposed ending the discriminatory military policy [DADT] in May 2010, when it came before the Senate Armed Services Committee where he sits. He repeatedly voted to block the National Defense Authorization Act, which contained the repeal language throughout most of that year.

When the bill finally survived all attempts to derail it, Brown supported repeal in two separate votes at the end of the year. But by then, it was clear repeal would pass.

Perhaps the LGBT community is just a little bit more accustomed to politicians who overstate or understate a vote or position. We tend to look a little deeper and broader. It was hard, for example, not to notice that Brown was the only member of the congressional delegation who had a scheduling problem when the group filmed an "It Gets Better" video for LGBT teens. And it's not like his office rescheduled another shoot, or made alternative plans to learn more about bullying or the higher incidence of suicide by LGBT youth.

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