No snowballs yet, but a shovel

WHDH's Ryan Schulteis just did a report from Bridgewater, where he shoveled some slush to show us that, yes, it's wet. He was followed by the station's standing-on-the-side-of-a-highway reporter, Victoria Warren, who held a snow brush throughout her report, but didn't use it.

For some reason, reporters stationed at Gillette Stadium are doing their reports without hats on. Only Channel 4 weatherman Joe Joyce was dressed sensibly, with a hat on, as he stood in front of the WBZ Accuweather Mobile Weather Urban Assault Vehicle with the LED readout.



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bad weather reporting

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I hope the news directors at least have the decency to tie cement block or two to the reporter's ankles. This type of reporting is inane. It's snowing, it's blowing. Really? You can't report that from a safe, warm studio? Wrap the reporter in a parka and blow confetti in front of the camera.

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11 p.m. update

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Roadside Warren and Channel 7 weatherman Chris Lambert (standing high atop the Channel 7 studios in Government Center) both scootched down, grabbed some snow, made snowballs and then ...

Didn't throw them!

Instead, they just held onto them for their reports. What were they thinking?

Jeremy Reiner at Channel 7, though, made me an offer:

hahaha--come down to 7 bulfinch--I'll throw a few at ya!--hahaha

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