Not for the faint of chicken heart

Limeduck was sad to see East Asia depart Somerville, but is now thrilled to bits with its replacement, DooWee and Rice, because, well, chicken hearts:

Crispy fried chicken hearts, that is. With fries and sauce. And scallions, but really, I'm mainly talking about the chicken hearts.

Did I mention they were crispy and fried? Sure, they have other stuff, spicy chicken wings, fluffy bao baos, rice bowls, noodle dishes, soups, but really, once you’ve had the "Heart-y Fries," a sort of deranged fusion poutine, the rest all seems trite.



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Chicken Heart

That was one of my dad's favorite comedy routines ever. He used to swear that it was based on an actual episode of "Lights Out."

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Ditto for my dad

He made a similar claim ... and it must have been an episode that scared the crap out of every kid in the country who was listening. My dad grew up on a poultry farm, so it probably had special significance for him ... and he loved the jello-smearing Cosby version quite a lot.

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Oh hey that's my awesome group

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We also performed it at Arisia in 2006, but the Orpheum show was a hell of a lot cooler. Thanks for the good word, Ron.

Dr. Alberts ("Doomed, doomed, DOOOOOOOMED!!")

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Deranged Fusion Poutine is

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Deranged Fusion Poutine is just crying out to be a band name.

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Man-O-Salwa Kabab & Grill 66 Summer St Somerville MA 02143

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66 Summer St
Somerville MA 02143
Corner of Summer and School Streets
tel 617 764-5965
tel 617 764-5928
manosalwas at

All Halal

Deggi Menu
All dishes are good for two
Chicken korma 9.99
Chicken karahi 9.99
Butter chicken 9.99
Chicken do piazza 9.99
Beef korma 9.99
Kurry 7.99

Beef do piazza 9.99
Mutton korma 10.99
Mutton karahi 13.99
Palak gosht 9.99
Haleem 8.99
Goat paye 8.99
Dal 7.99

Beef keema 9.99
Nihari 9.99
Nihari goat-lamb 9.99
Kofte chicken 9.99
Mutton paye 9.99
Choley 6.99
Veg 8.99

Rice Menu
Chicken biryani 8.99
Chicken pullao 7.99
Mutton biryani 9.99
Mutton pullao 9.99
Beef biryani 8.99
Beef pullao 8.99
Channa pullao 5.99
Mutter pullao 5.99
Vegi pullao 5.99
Plain rice 2.99

Kabab Menu
Chicken kabab 1.69
Beef kabab 1.75
Chapli kabab 3.99
Shami kabab 1.99
Shamali kabab 1.99
Chapli kabab beef 4.99
Dafa kabab .99
Shesh kabab 6.99
Shahi kabab 1.99
Lamb kabab 2.99

Tikka Menu
chicken tikka bonless 7.99
Chicken tikka bon-in 7.99
Chicken legs 2.99
Chicken wings .99
Charga 12.99
Fish tikka 10.99
Tandoori fish 9.99
Beef tikka 8.99
Mutton ribs 9.99
Lamb tikka 9.99

Plain nan 1.45
Keeme wale nan 4.99
Keeme wale nan-beef 5.49
Rotti 1.25
Nan whole wheat 1.45

Chicken kabab 3.99
Chicken tikka 4.99
Fish tikka 4.99
Beef kabab 4.99

Firni 1.99
Kheer 1.99
Zarda 1.99
Halwa 2.99

Plain lassi 1.99
Mint lassi 1.99
Mango lassi 1.99

Green tea .99
Tea reg .99
Ginger tea .99

Chicken samosa 1.99
Beef Samosa 1.99
Vegi samosa 1.99

Please inform your server before ordering if you
or any members of your party have food allergies.
For Catering
Please contact Makho Makhan or Irfan Qureshi at
tel 617 764-5965
or email us at
manosalwas at

and visit us in the future at

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Why did you post this comment?

The restaurant in your comment is near Union Square. The one in the orignal post is way across town in Powderhouse Circle, and to my knowledge is totally unrelated.

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I think it's good that he's branching out in his bizarro cut and paste comments rather than sticking to the SAME one every time.

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