Oh, looky here: FCC rule change would let Murdoch re-buy the Herald

Not that we have any evidence he's thinking of it, but it's good to know one-time protege Pat Purcell would have options for his scrappy little tabloid under a proposal to allow cross ownership in the nation's 20 largest TV markets. You may recall how Uncle Rupe had to decide between Channel 25 and the Herald back in the days when he and Ted Kennedy didn't get along.



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There's no legitimate reason why he shouldn't be allowed to have both. Don't like his paper? Start your own paper. This is not broadcast television with a limited bandwidth.

And that Ted Kennedy would let this become law proves again how much he sucked.

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It will be interesting to see whether

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all the koolaid drinkers who elected Joe 3.0 and Liz Warren agree. (I think I know where the Kopechne family stands on the issue).

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