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OMG: Don Warner Saklad catches his white whale

As Universal Hub regulars and Boston-area Internet denizens know only too well, the omnipresent Saklad has been on a seemingly quixotic quest for years now to gain access to the records kept by the stenographer the Boston City Council for some reason continues to employ to record all of its meetings in this era of cheap audio and video recordings.

Brace yourself: This morning Saklad got one of those records! He opened his inbox to:

Per your request, attached please find the electronic file from this
week's council meeting.

Ann H. Braga, Esq. MPA
Staff Director
Boston City Council

But having cornered the whale, there's a new problem: How to open the file. It's in something labeled sgstn format. What the what the? Anybody have a clue how he can make the file usable? A copy is attached here if you want to take a look.

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Binary Data cc03142012.sgstn0 bytes


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This is a raw file from a steno machine, if I'm not mistaken. I find this a little funny, honestly. "You want the minutes? Okay, have fun reading them!"

Here's the program to read it:
Holy $4,000 program, batman.

Can't find a torrent for it either. Imagine that.

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The file definitely has some interesting patterns, like the data is framed into 8 byte chunks, the 4th and 8th of each chunk are always zero, and the third byte has a single bit set.... Anyway, it might be easier to find a law student who has access to the viewer/converter software.

Pretty slimy move...

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Also, it appears the last four bytes of each eight byte "frame" is a number (in "reverse-endian" format, where the least significant bytes appear first) that continually increases throughout the file, starting with 4350341 (0x00426185 hexidecimal) to 4812920 (0x00497078), a difference of 462579. I'm not sure what the significance of that is, though. Maybe it's some sort of timestamp, which would be useful for legal transcriptions. But those numbers, which don't really provide much information, take up half of the file. As a result, there is very little "information" in this file, since only two or three out of every eight bytes has any potentially interesting information.

Time for me to go to bed.

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or something with the zak. Or like a roadrunner cartoon. Thanks for posting this, Adam- funny stuff.

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Mr S. is a well-established operative of the Usenet community, at least up through to where it was easy to locate a free access point. Many ISP systems have dropped Usenet and while few free systems remain, most access to Usenet is now paid. His gravitation to web-based message boards or e-mail list servers seems almost forced.

Mr. S. is a well-established advocate for the great common denominator of "plain text" which in the computer world is the great equalizer accessible on any platform. This may also reflect his personal limitations with respect to personally accessible technology - best guess there. His invasion of web-based message boards with off-topic rants also points to a single-minded interest. It is not unusual for a message board carrying a discussion on green grass to include a rant on city council transcripts. Before that, it was a similar rant about the Boston Public Library's meetings.

He wants word-for-word, including every cough and sneeze in the room, failing to understand that in corporate environs, only the key points and votes are required to be recorded by law. Odd side discussions and familiarities are immaterial to the proceedings. If you want that, watch the video, and at the public library if necessary.

Despite the fact that pretty much every Boston city council meeting and hearing is committed to video and easily accessible for viewing, he continues to insist on plain text. Not MS Word, not Open Office, not RTF, not semaphore, not smoke signals, but plain text.

So the city council in Boston has now finally provided him with what he has been demanding for a decade or more... the RAW STENO TRANSCRIPTS. I think that is hilarious actually! He likely didn't know that it was not in plain text.

That will not be enough for Mr. S. He will want plain text. He fails to comprehend that all meetings and what transpires is plainly, and easily available to the public, but he will not be satisfied until it is in plain text.

And my guess here will be that it needs to be on plain paper as well. Nothing else will feed this obsession.

Indeed, did not Encyclopedia Britannica just cease publishing on paper in favor of a digital medium? Will they be next?

When he started sending me e-mail (name withheld to protect the innocent here), I had to patch him in to my junk mail filter. When he invaded a couple of Yahoo Groups I was running some years ago with off-topic political drama, I had to ban him.

I've never met Mr. S. but he is legendary within Boston Internet circles. I get a distinct vision of a Sheldon Cooper-like character. Indeed, he comes off that way easily... in plain text.

Another Zak Observer

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So ranty, so full of irony!

- Giving digs to theszak for being holdover from usenet, but then goes off on 'net history rant.

- Implies theszak's motives are personal, then engages in repeated ad hominem.

- Tries to conflate 'plain text' and paper.

- Announces that city council mtgs are available on video, apparently hoping no one checks on this. Because then they'd realize that many (most?) of these 'mtg videos' are actually an hour or so of silly intro slides, or incorrectly streamed so that they fail to display correctly.

I agree that theszak is rather mono-maniacal about the open mtgs thing, and he forces this topic into threads where it doesn't belong (are you listening theszak? You make *no* converts to your cause when you do this). But Open Meetings is the law, and the citizens are entitled to complete and easily accessible records of this sort. The Boston City Council does a poor job of complying, as do many other public government groups.

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Don Saklad's oddly punctuated third-person demands clearly state that he would like it provided in plain ASCII text.

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Ha! Even if you could open the raw steno, good luck reading it.

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He can - based on a previous post he's a scopist Enthusiast. I.e. a stenographer

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I'm not on a Windows machine tonight, anyone want to try the free viewer? http://www.stenograph.com/V2MiniSplash.aspx?id=Cas...

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CaseViewNet doesn't read steno notes files (sgstn). It's for reading realtime streams (and saved versions of realtime streams). A variety of formats but not sgstn.

In the meantime, the same software that generates sgstn (and seems to be about the only thing that can read its own files) can also easily produce a PDF format of the exact same file. The contents will still be 22-character stenography notes, but written into a PDF that's legible by anyone with Acrobat Reader.

It seems almost malevolent to send the sgstn when, based on the software's features page, PDF appears to be as easy as flipping a single option in the save dialog...

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I can't figure out, however, if your cartoon is a reference to the file or a governmental organization which releases documents in such a format.... :) :)

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Several years ago I did grand jury duty. The court stenographer spent her time with a funnel stuck to her face. A few days in we gathered up the courage to ask What The Heck Was That Thing. Turns out in Suffolk County the stenographers literally recite everything onto to tape. Then go home and transcribe it on paper.

I'm not sure which century to ascribe this behavior too, but it certainly isn't the 21st.

Could this weird file be a sound file of some format?

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The Boston City Council insists on only the best and most modern of ancient technologies: The Stenographer uses only her hands, not her funneled mouth.

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This is the thing; our stenographer assured us that this was the height of tech available in Suffolk County. None of that namby-pamby typing stuff for us!

Yeah, I suspect her sarcasm is making the translation here...

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When the stenographers "talk in to a funnel", they are usually talking to a speech recognition computer program which would do a good job of converting what they are saying to text. The resulting transcript would need to be reviewed, but it's much less work than actually transcribing what they are saying.

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"So. floating on the margin of the ensuing scene, and in full sight of it, when the half-spent suction of the sunk ship reached me, I was then, but slowly, drawn towards the closing vortex. When I reached it, it had subsided to a creamy pool. Round and round, then, and ever contracting towards the button-like black bubble at the axis of that slowly wheeling circle, like another ixion I did revolve. till gaining that vital centre, the black bubble upward burst; and now, liberated by reason of its cunning spring, and owing to its great buoyancy, rising with great force, the coffin like-buoy shot lengthwise from the sea, fell over, and floated by my side. Buoyed up by that coffin, for almost one whole day and night, I floated on a soft and dirge-like main. The unharming sharks, they glided by as if with padlocks on their mouths..."
              --Herman Melville

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They have worked a lot with Freedom of Information Groups and who may have a volunteer stenographer or the program.

Dan Kennedy may have contacts to help.

Here's the New England First Amendment Center


Try Maggie Mulvihill at BU


or Joe Bergantino

Great project for their students to address.

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>“Massachusetts is one of the worst states in responding, and in responding by the deadline, to public records requests.”

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We had now reached the summit of the loftiest crag. For some minutes the old man seemed too much exhausted to speak.

"Not long ago," said he at length, "and I could have guided you on this route as well as the youngest of my sons; but, about three years past, there happened to me an event such as never happened before to mortal man --or at least such as no man ever survived to tell of --and the six hours of deadly terror which I then endured have broken me up body and soul. You suppose me a very old man --but I am not. It took less than a single day to change these hairs from a jetty black to white, to weaken my limbs, and to unstring my nerves, so that I tremble at the least exertion, and am frightened at a shadow. Do you know I can scarcely look over this little cliff without getting giddy?"

Descent Into the Maelstrom

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The folks might know the format


Plover (pronounced PLUH-VER, not PLOE-VER) is the world's first free, open source stenography program. It is primarily for Linux, but has a working early version Windows release too.

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Curating a top ten of UHub posts would be quite the undertaking, but this would have to be on the list.

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Having some free time, I explored the wonderful world of stenography software, and was able to open the file. However...

Each courtroom/stenographer uses their own "Dictionary" to translate notes to words. So, SNKBO might be "By the Court". While there appears to be some standardization between dictionaries, without the ACTUAL dictionary file used by this court, only about 89% of the document was translated fully.

Keep hunting, Ahab!

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Please send what you got, email
[email protected]

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Does this work?...


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Sorry, but websites like that are just listing every file type possible promising to "fix" your file hoping to get you to pay some upfront fee just to tell you ther is nothing wrong with the file or that it is "fixed" but still unusable. It's more scam than service.

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Boston MuckRock Jurisdiction Information

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How to setup the stenograph machine at Boston City Council... for example for folks with hearing loss.

Boston City Council

Dear City Councilor,

By email please send the stenograph record of the next public meeting of Boston City Council in .pdf or another format than .sgstn

Routine features of a stenograph machine setup select formats for storing or for sending a stenograph record including .pdf or other formats than .sgstn

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Here's the tran against a dictionary.

Everybody's dictionary is different; other people might get a better (or worse) tran. The best dictionary is the reporter's who took the job.

But anyway, for what it's worth . . .

1 Today is Wednesday Wednesday, March March 14, 2012

2 THE COURT: Arizona bake bake simple simple

3 Connecticut county counsel Arizona county counsel bake bake

4 SGLFRMTHS counsel will come to order RTD clerk will call aroll

5 to as certain acore rum.

6 THE CLERK: Counsel Arizona here counsel bake bake

7 present counsel simple simple.

8 THE WITNESS: Presents. Counsel Connecticut.

9 THE WITNESS: Presents.


11 Q. Counsel could nots could nots?

12 A. Present.

13 Q. Counsel jack jack?

14 A. Present. Counsel LA LA.

15 A. Here. Counsel Lynn Lynn here.

16 THE COURT: Counsel murmur.

17 THE WITNESS: Here counsel --. Counsel press press.

18 THE WITNESS: Presents.


20 Q. Counsel Ross?

21 A. Present.

22 Q. Counsel YANS YANS?

23 A. Here.

24 THE COURT: I have informed bite clerk that acore

25 rum is present I would ask all members of the counsel an all


1 guess the to please rise at this time. I have the honor of

2 introducing one is who has been flown in at great expense the

3 clerk of the sitty of Boston MAUR MAUR even if even if who

4 will deliver the invocation for today's AE meeting. Assistant

5 clerk delivers the invocation. I would ask all to remain

6 standing as together we absolute the flag. Please give author

7 tension to the sit SDI clerk sitty clerk MAUR MAUR FEEFRN even

8 if. Than Iing you.

9 THE COURT: If there are know corrections to be

10 made, the minutes to last weeks ease meeting would stand

11 approved. Seeing an hearing know corrections or objections,

12 the minutes are so he approved. Mad mad clerk, we're going to

13 take aagenda item tell out of order from the green sheets to

14 begin the meeting, if I may. The first docket out of the

15 green she's is 0314 out of the rules an ad MRGS.

16 THE COURT: Document document 0314 offers my county

17 counsel murmur. Ordered that rule 36 of the 2012 sitty

18 counsel rules be amendmented buy striking the following

19 committees Andy descriptions. Sitty an neighborhood 0 advices

20 an veterans AE affairs. En en health. Labor YUT affairs an

21 SPEGS rights an adding knew committees. Andy descriptions for

22 sitty 0 advices an en en, he can whichty labor YUT affairs an

23 health.

24 THE COURT: Mad mad clerk we're mending to

25 substitute that. I need asecond. Counsel YANS YANS an


1 Arizona second the substitution. Theres on everybody ease

2 desk, acopy of the new committee descriptions at this point in

3 time. The chair moves adoption of the substitute Ted document

4 document numb 0314 at this time. All those in favor say aye.

5 Opposed know: Ice have it an document document 0314 has been

6 amendmented an adopt Ted.


8 Q. Mad mad clerk can we please take out of the ageneral

9 0400 an 0433?

10 THE COURT: 04006789 counsel press press offered the

11 following resolution supporting house bill 3838 an act pro

12 VIETing housing an support 0 VIRSs for unaccompanied homeless

13 YUT.

14 THE COURT: Chair wreak nices silty counsel an eye

15 eye press press press press press than Iing u Mr. President

16 MRCHLT before we begin I would like to ask for suspension of

17 the rules for my friend an at alarge CLEEG on labor YUT

18 affairs an health. I would like to ask counsel Arizona as

19 could he sponsor. Than Iing you. I rise to speak about ahave

20 I SPES I have beening at risk segment of our home ROOFRM.

21 Secretary secretary DARry education there are 6,000 homeless

22 high school study dents but the reel FLUM is reelly actually

23 MUFRP higher BUS that figure does notes VENT reflect study

24 dents who are already dropped out an living OURN street. When

25 he I am speaking go uncompany YUT I am not talking BA parents


1 HOCHLT. Uncompany YUS are young people who for avarietity of

2 Reese sons are NOLT welcome in their own homes ans couch 0 you

3 were. These children have families an there familiars list

4 have homes an in children aren't apart of there have family

5 any Moore. Not all these children live in Boston but because

6 of our size because of the of the no one profits offer because

7 we're the reason JOJ trance portion hub the SPES I have

8 beening numb of accompanied YUT an up AFRMENTS. Problem not

9 of our own making. An am I instances the children turn away

10 there their own belts ore BLGT YUCHLT to. . P painful period

11 in there lives. So many LGBT teens find know come #230R9 so

12 long last or support from their own families. Instead they

13 find scorn condemnation isolation an finally rejection. When

14 he their own families turn there backs on them these young

15 people have few options but to escape an attempt to survive on

16 there streets. I am asking you to. Urging the legislation

17 late tour to pass house bill 3838 afact act pro I'd having

18 housing an unsupport said 0 advice force unaccompanied

19 homeless YUT so he week give these debt brat young people reel

20 options, opposites that allow them to finish there education.

21 Option that allow them to live free lives from there

22 expectation an choices. I am asking for union consent an

23 package of this resolution an I would like to take amoment to

24 OOK only the ex extive director of bridge over troubled wars

25 rob sergeant Gus. If you will stand. I just want to than


1 Iing you nor you are work there. Than Iing you Mr. President

2 Mr. President.

3 THE COURT: Than Iing you u counsel press press.

4 Counsel Arizona has his name has been added. At this time

5 chair recognizes counsel feel feel Arizona at this time. I

6 want to than Iing my VE good friends an at large Kuhn from

7 door door for the initiative in allowing me to join as her

8 could he sponsor in this effort. So many counsel SLORS just

9 participate in abriefing around ainVOE VATtive called packet

10 dealing with YUT vial leans in our sitty an ore counsel

11 counsel themeses VB different EFRNTS that relate to young

12 people. At at core of this, how can we safe ayoung person if

13 that young person does NTS even know where they are going to

14 sleep that night. Ing is as basic as where they're going to

15 sleep where DOIN NER it is Cottage FRCHLT how can you possible

16 BLI talk to ayoung person about doing we will in school. Or

17 making right choices, when he all you would be thinking about

18 in that HOEMENT is where you would sleep an eat. You know,

19 there is astats TIS tick out there wigs stung. There is a

20 belief that is says about 3.5 million homeless people in this

21 country. About 1 point 3 amillion of that we would call YOUT.

22 The stung think is that in the we will yes, sir country in the

23 world that we've that. Even Moore stung for those of you who

24 work on the house GS an for CLOESH sures is that there are 18

25 million empty homes in this country. 18 million empty homes


1 3.5 millions. Of that 3.5 million close to half you are young

2 people an we can't seem to figure this out. You know. Call

3 it what you which will, it seem ridiculous I am happy to be

4 supporting you, I am hopeful an I believe the entire counsel

5 will support this an I am looking forward for astate acts an

6 to be apart of it.

7 THE COURT: Mad mad clerk please at the name of

8 county counsel feel feel Arizona. Please other also ad I'm in

9 name.


11 Q. Than Iing you MRCHT. Mr. P I rise to XHENLD the

12 maker an could he sons support bridge over TWROUBLD wears I

13 have worked with rob sergeant Gus an the great staff that he I

14 has there. It is VE porn AN want to make sure that I stand an

15 show my support an please ad my name.


17 STHEERJTS STHOO could nots could nots bake bake skim simple

18 Ross RONLS jack Jackie stand to XHENLD the maker who has

19 aconstant voice for young people but in tick our families.

20 Counsel could nots could not an I not so he long PAG raised

21 the drop on age an so many striking numbs that came out that

22 70 percent of our brings son population an we just took up a

23 week ago. That does not have ahigh school dip dip. We know

24 that out of the COMBROUNG people age 16 to 24 drop out on

25 average they are ad median an YUL income is 26 hundreds ayear.


1 We know where folks end up SOERNL cost the an financings cost

2 thes. How long U housing should you be in the sitty an state

3 has moved toward Chousing beening the first option rather than

4 than shoulder belt DERS an we wants though make sure as we do

5 that for families that are on our radar that we don't forget

6 our young people who will beening aGULTS VE soon pan if he

7 WEENT catch them will ends up in the places we don't wants

8 them. I would like to commends the make Kerr as we will as

9 the bridge over TOUBL wears.

10 Q. Counsel press press at this time moves adoption of

11 0400. All those in favor say aye.


13 A. 07403.


15 THE CLERK: 0403 KOUNLS press press an could notally

16 order the following offered for ahearing of ways to discuss

17 pavement an bidding pros he is for sitty fund dead KRTS."

18 Press press.


20 Q. Than Iing you Mr. President Mr. President. I

21 appreciate you are inDel generals SOCHL my. At marriage CLEEG

22 John Connecticut for could he sons supporting this could he

23 who are with me. I spent a lot of time in this chamber

24 talking about disparties an wanting them to be in equity an

25 TUNLTS an talk about education natural opportunities an we


1 also want to make sure there are is he can he can in those

2 business opportunities that is the thrust the of this hearing

3 order to the. There is know question that boss tons ace

4 Connie is I have prime. Financialing MROO EKTS come to life.

5 Unemployment is dropping an Moore employ he was are choosing

6 to Mr. Live there current. Waits them. Want has to look know

7 further. Dang an I believe inPAKT innovation an a dedriven

8 aConnie are having on our sitty but as report Ted in the globe

9 today. High KWAULty high paying jobs at our most innovative

10 cops. There is led though aglowing we will residents. Orring

11 to the Boston foundation report in 2010 boss tons ease rich he

12 is 20 percent are Moore than half of the income in the region.

13 The poor he is of 20 he is percent made over 2 percent of the

14 income. In order to begin close hadding that gap it is

15 critical we're supporting of the sit TIS ace mall SISs.

16 Particularly women an mine who arty owned small businesses is

17 improving abscess ans trance PARNS SI in the sit TIS ease

18 consider the Ted pros he is. We're talking about lobing

19 California small bitses owned an managed buy boss done

20 residents an employing Boston residents hospital you can is

21 hes stabilized our families an STLEN thens our neighbor

22 HOOFRMENTDZ I am asking we hold ahereining NISH shoe with

23 relevant sitty departments. I know the sitty takes THISH shoe

24 seriously an they have areel commitment ensure he can quitty

25 not just. Jobs cost policy but also in our consider theing.


1 I believe this will be aWORT while an construct I have

2 discussion between vendors ants sitty an have appositive net

3 effect ultimately on Botswana tons ease overall Connie?

4 THE COURT: Than Iing you u counsel press press.

5 Chair recognizes counsel John Connecticut. Connecticut than

6 Iing you, Mr. President MRCHLT an than Iing you to my good

7 CLEEG CLEEG from door door for her great LEET DER ship in

8 bringing this forward an also for letter lead DER ship last

9 year in threat fling the Boston jobs ease residents policy.

10 As my CLEEG counsel press press points out. It's not just

11 about the jobs ends but also making sure that we've alevel

12 playing field for our small businesses. An I I can not say it

13 any better than my CLEEGS that the oar only party would ad is

14 it that it's our small businesses that drive job grow the an

15 we want to support small businesses locate Ted here in Boston

16 his Lordship job drivers an we wants to make sure that in

17 doing that we're supporting them in away that reflects our

18 sitty. An that means making sure that we're KREE ating alevel

19 playing field for women an minority owned businesses. So he I

20 look forward to the hearing an look forward to exploring the

21 issue shoe further an hopefully level legaling that playing

22 field.

23 THE COURT: TEET TEET jack jack.

24 THE COURT: Mr. Chairman Mr. Chairman. I also rise

25 to commend the make Kerr of this VE porn issue shoe. I have


1 beening ainstead fast ad VOE category. Ates in my glued to

2 have aBoston residents job policy but we know that welt is

3 actually billed through businesses. There is only aKOUM ways

4 to pass on Commonwealth, reel he state, inher tense I was not

5 born in the right family for that but the ore way that folks

6 pass it on is DLU business. An as state Ted before today in

7 the globe we saw it that we still tin to have awelt

8 opportunity gap at the time when he the sit itty is spenting

9 hundreds of mill your Honors ever doll Lars on facilities an

10 we want though make sure awe open the door to awful our

11 population an also reelly need to think about if we don't open

12 the door to the aMA yourty now of that population what that

13 will mean for the sitty in the future. I want you know

14 though. Looked at who KREE ates jobs. An it shows that it's

15 actually ayoung company. Companies in there first five years

16 that KREE ate jobs FRM as they get old DER they destroy jobs

17 through there looking at fish sees. So he it is in the state

18 of mass chews 85 percent of the companies that actually DSH 8

19 five #3ERS of businesses are actually small businesses an that

20 is AE where we need to see acceleration where we need to see

21 gross an we might need to make sure we RIEJ the bell of

22 opportunities for folks in those community tease. I commend

23 the make Kerr an please ad my name an I look forward can at

24 the hearing. I also think it's note TABL an VE porn it's not

25 only people of color who cares about. This I think its eats


1 notes TABL that counsel Connecticut is could he response

2 soaring because this is ache can issue shoe of he can he can

3 across the sittive Boston all need to SDEP forward an walk

4 hand an hand together to make sure we pro I'd have

5 opportunities for all of the folks in this sitty of Boston.


7 Q. THAPG you vetch MRNTD Mr. President I commend the

8 maker can of there hearing order an I point out Mr. President

9 that there are several 17 F ORTSDZ that are relevant to that

10 hearing cluing the 17 FMENT calling for alisting of all

11 vendors bite department address amount race an gender as we

12 will as request for VFRGS know bid KRTS an requesting similar

13 inferrings. Mr. President Mr. President. WEEFB going through

14 afairly?

15 Q. Tedious pros he is in terms of strict representation

16 an in that pros he is we SEFRNLly have learned that boss done

17 is amuch Moore diverse sitty than it was back in the 1980

18 eats. In fact based on a2010 sense SUS 2506789. Percent is

19 made of of all an 40 percent is while. But if you took alook

20 at the race in am I of our vendors you find almost apatent of

21 the MA yourty of the vendors from so many policemen views I

22 have been able to do actually are vendors with businesses

23 locate Ted outside the sittive Boston. The MA yourty are not

24 only bite people of color. An so many objective observingers

25 will ask what's AE wrong with that picture. Hopefully in the


1 course of this hearing week find out week finaled out what

2 thes AE going on bite time these hearings are seen we'll

3 answers to the 17 F questions as we will?

4 THE COURT: Please ad the name of the counsel CHARLS



7 Q. Mad mad LIRN Lynn. ' -- an please make anote that

8 counsel -- is present he has joined us since the role call an

9 also please ad Miami name an the name of MRIEKS RO SGLEFRMTHS

10 I am simple simple bake bake Arizona?


12 THE COURT: 0 communication cast from his northern

13 the maybe: MIJ and/or authoritying the plights commissioner

14 and to accept annex penitentiary 400 thousand dollars from the

15 mass chews department department of mental health under the

16 second FY 12 jail diversion program grant for the PURMS ever

17 pro I'd having assistance an REEFRLGS to videos with mental

18 illness and/or emotion natural disturbance.

19 THE COURT: The matter will be referred to the

20 committee on public safetity.


22 THE CLERK: Document document 0393 members of the

23 jury an order TLORTing the please commissioner to accept annex

24 penalties aFY 2011 port securitity grant of 100,000 $300 from

25 the US department of home land securitity for the purposes of


1 mate NENS of federally funded assets.

2 THE COURT: Document document 393 will be referred

3 to the committee on public safetity.


5 Q. 03946789 members of the jury an order authoritying

6 the please commissioner and to accept annex penalties FY 2011

7 grant funds of #6 five thousand dollars aKWARDed to the ex he

8 cantive office of health an human 0 advices for the purposes

9 of supporting one packed brick data system. Analyst?

10 THE COURT: Document document 0394 will be referred

11 to the committee on public safetity.

12 THE COURT: 00395. Members of the jury an order

13 authoritying the please commissioner and to accept annex

14 penalties FY 2011 SPOFRT securitity grand funds of 26 thousand

15 dollars DMRT UT S department of home lands securitity for the

16 PURMS ever training an tact TAL. . 0395 will be referred to

17 the committee on public safetity.

18 THE COURT: Document document 03496. Members of the

19 jury ANL order authoritying the please commissioner and to

20 accept annex penned the FY 2012 unage alcohol enforcement

21 program grants funds of 7,000 five hundreds awarded bite ex he

22 cantive office of public safetity an securitity highway

23 safetity did I vision.

24 THE COURT: Counsel Ross moves suspension of the

25 rules an package of document document 0396. All those in


1 safer eye sigh: Ice have it an document document 0396 has

2 passes.

3 THE COURT: 0397 members of the jury an authority

4 authoritying. Accept annex penitentiary of the FY 201 traffic

5 enforce. Grants funds ever 7,000 five hundreds awarrant bite

6 ex he cantive office of public safetity an securitity highway

7 SAFLTty did I vision the.


9 Q. Of. To. LOOFRJTS. Streets STHOOP straits that


11 MR. EUFPLT: Document document 0397 has passed.

12 THE COURT: SGLOFRJTS reports of UB public officers

13 an others.


15 Q. 030398 communication was received from blast door

16 ire port run re safetity areaing I am PROOCHLTS project EKTS

17 identifiable environ mental assess TMENT en en inpacket report

18 EOEEA file numb 1442?

19 THE COURT: Document document 0398 will be placed on

20 file.

21 THE COURT: Matters recentsly heard for POB action.

22 THE COURT: Document document 02232. Resolution

23 requesting that the March yacht cop cop place take all

24 necessary action to ensure that the consider the Ted employees

25 at March yacht cop cop place receive fair wages an benefits.


1 THE COURT: Chair recognizes the chair of committee

2 AEN labor counsel feel feel Arizona.

3 THE COURT: Arizona AR than Iing you u Mr. President

4 Mr. President. On this VE Monday we held ahearing on this

5 resolution. It was we will a#2E7BDs. I would also admit it

6 was FIERLly one sided because everiry one in the room

7 clearlily want Ted to pass this resolution. But it was not

8 one sided buy us, Mr. President. We sent invacations to the

9 ex he cantive VPT of POE tell which owns the could could not

10 cop March March an seen development management hotels. The

11 general MAUR manager of the March March cop cop place. To the

12 attorneys that rep the Boston cop reply March yacht. We cents

13 to the consider the TER, bay state 0 advices, cents them

14 invacations. Invacations to the subcop TRR U. Philadelphia

15 ease BLIEF to have start Ted. They all received to attend.

16 They did sent aletter that all counsel counsel can have acopy

17 if they like it was atwo-page letter that said they were will

18 thes concerns election SI but they found away of doing that in

19 two pages. In the end THP came about from astory in the globe

20 on January January 20 the that was about this I other de. If

21 you don't remember. TCHS not only are they not use youing

22 aresponsible consider the TER an not POENL not bringing in our

23 job order NARNS here in the sitty. The allegation is it that

24 they brought in men an women who live in ashelter in

25 Philadelphia who are going through rehab from their own


1 aaddictions, an they were can told buy this she will DER as

2 part of there rehab assignment they having to to come to

3 Boston an work on aMarch yacht cop cop site we're not talking

4 about skilled labor KWLORS they are can investigate Ted buy

5 March Attorney General now an they were not EENL paying these

6 men an women MRIN MRIN wage. That was all in the Boston globe

7 article. Those are allegations. Our friends in the trades

8 have said now this is a new low. They're looking at fist I

9 percent unemployment right here people who do trade work.

10 Fisty when he regular Connie is in arecession those in the

11 construction world suffer adeep did I presentation. An we

12 decided as aKOURN, you know, FRANGly abad Connie is not

13 aexcuse to race to the bottom. This is not aexcuse for those

14 types I was thinks to be happening in our sitty. So he this

15 resolution speaks particularly though that an urges the cop

16 cop March March to do the right thing here. To do the right

17 thing. So I I than Iing all for OU allowing me to explain it

18 once Moore I am reporting it out favorably today an I would

19 like to than Iing counselianian an counsel Ross Ross for

20 participating in the hearing as we will an than Iing you.

21 THE COURT: The committee chair Arizona is moving

22 for aDOENGS of 0232. All those if favor say aye. Opposed

23 know: Ice have it an document document 0232 has been adopt

24 Ted.



1 Q. Orders orders amendmenting CBC STAPT CHAPT chap 2

2 DSH 9 points 2 sitty counsel electric electric. 0130 will

3 remain in the committee on sense sense an re re?

4 THE COURT: Ammed mad clerk please read the next two

5 or 3:

6 THE COURT: Document document numb 0298. Members of

7 the jury an order authoritying the sitty of Botswana on it to

8 accept annex penned aaward of 60075 thousand dollars in the

9 form of acould not JINGS mitigation an air KWAULty I am

10 PREECHLTS program awarded jointsly bite Federal Highway

11 administration an federal transit authority for the purposes

12 of supporting the sit TIS ease bicycling program. Document

13 document NOUM 0359. Members of the jury an order authoritying

14 the sittive Boston to accept annex men's 25 thousand dollars

15 from the Boston housing authority. I believe to strike the

16 remaining portion of that. Document document numb 0361.

17 Members of the jury age or the authoritying the sitty of

18 Boston to accept annex penalties aawart of ten thousand

19 dollars from the American hard aSOESHGS pastor of the Boston

20 public schools to be administered bite Boston trance portion

21 to department to support the sit TIS ease bicycling BRAMed

22 chair is inment sitty AN neighborhood 0 advices an veterans

23 ease wears. Chair recognizes counsel last last on document

24 KETS 02980359 an 0361 Lam LA than Iing youing Mr. President

25 MRCHLT we'd at great hearing direct to have of the bike


1 program. This grand is 675 thousand dollars it is from the

2 grants from could not JENGS MILT GAGS air KWAULty an aI am

3 PROOCHLT awarded buy Federal Highway ad marshal an federal

4 transit authority. An it is to be YUT licensed in the sit TIS

5 ease bike share program. Which is 675 thousand dollars this

6 year AEN last year was 325,000 an they are hoping to get

7 another grant. This program, as you know, is DSH we've 61

8 stations across Boston an 600 an ten bias Californias in this

9 program. The membership so he far last year watts PROUFLly 3

10 THOUP 700 an fist I members an they are hoping to increase

11 that MENL STHIP this year to 4,500 to 6,000 bite ends of the

12 year. An they are also hoping to expand another 30 stations

13 in the see support strict CHARLS bright bright rocks rocks jam

14 jam plain an rocks rocks. So he that is AE where the Monday

15 any is to be YUSed for in this tick program. 600,000 that

16 have 75 thousand dollars for so many staffing an ore programs.

17 To minister this program.

18 THE COURT: 0359 is agrant from the Boston housing

19 authority for 25 thousand dollars which is to be YUSed to I am

20 MRIMENT asitty of Boston communitity bike BRAM. The bike

21 program is agreat program if you are not aware of it. Where

22 they re if you are not NISH ex he can tick bias Californias an

23 donate them to the loan income residents in the Boston housing

24 authority an ore nonprofit signature sees through the the

25 sitty an working with the Boston public schools, committee


1 centers shoulder belt terse to pro I'd have on bike safetity

2 training. Helmets an they do bike repairs. I don't know if

3 you are aware that they have aprogram in the farm MERS ease

4 market that they repair bias Californias. A lot of neighbor

5 hoods don't have the shops any Moore but we repair them.

6 Document document 0 FLUM 0631 is NOERP ten up that UM grant

7 for the SA SOESHGS which will be YUSed to fund so many of the

8 programs in Boston communitity bike BRAMS. S now what we're

9 doing is striking out any future donors that they would have

10 to know what they are DWRUSing the bikes for. On which

11 document SKET that, counsel LA LA. 033 FOO 59. We're going

12 to re move any ore future donors to sponsor. So he we are

13 just going to strike that out. So he counsel LA LA is moving

14 amendmenting document document 0359 to strike the laning WAJ

15 an any ore funds from future donors to support PT sit TIS ease

16 communitity bike programs. It needs asecond. Counsel YANS

17 YANS SLEKDZ as does others. All those if favor of the

18 amendmentment. . Opposed know: Amendment LG car read

19 question now comes on acceptance of the kit amendmented commit

20 rerecords an badge of document KETS 0298. 0359 as amendmented

21 an 0361. Assume those in favor say aye opposed know ice have

22 it TANT document document motion he is offers an resolution

23 us. 0399. Counsel counsel Arizona an murmur offers TSDZ

24 following resolution in support of investing an hour community

25 tease. Chair recognizes the sponsor feel feel Arizona.



2 Q. Arizona this was brought to our attention in SIU an

3 mass teachesers aSOESHGS STES I have beeningly SE?

4 MR. EUFPLT: U 1199 an neighbor an neighbor an.

5 Reel reply speaks to the heart of so many of our struggles LS

6 here in the sitty SARLT of our economic situation. You know e

7 an I am asked buy residents as I go around what is the one

8 thing you struggle with the most now that you are aelect Ted

9 official an my big guess struggle is I believe we play MUR

10 defence than off tense we're at appoint now where we're

11 talking about what 0 advice gets cut, what can we see. We're

12 not adding know fault bite way we manage our Monday any:

13 Sitty. Cystty counsel should you be commendses for our sound

14 physical management. But when he we tin to suffer year after

15 year after year drastic cuts an lobing Al aid from the state

16 that is AE where we get to. Awful all been dealing with this

17 longer than iffy. I only went through 2 budgets. But in the

18 budget thinks we were looking that we feel. Produces for the

19 Commonwealth Commonwealth. DMAEFT what Boston sends thought

20 Commonwealth Commonwealth when he we get back. It is not

21 close. But what FRM look at our DSHG look at our revenue

22 STREEJT at the state level see if there is aMoore he can I can

23 #2IB89 way of dealing with our revenue. Our press press of

24 the unite Ted states of America in his own state of the you

25 know your Honor called it class vote for all you want. But


1 asking the bill Koran NAR to SPA the same as asecond second in

2 taxes is just plain commonsense. Know NOT that we: MSNBC 91

3 percent of merge don't agree that pickup piece acute. But 91

4 percent of MRERNS agreed that everybody should you pay there

5 fair share. An that is AE what we're asking the state to

6 consider looking into. What is happening right now in THUR

7 our state an is there way for to structure tower. 0 advices

8 that we against on public cystty is not can a#2578D schools

9 library LIEBTS communitity centers. Look at the thinks we've

10 had to deal with know one enjoyed doing T our chairman

11 hospital not here now but can speak to the DRAT tick cuts in

12 lobing California aid FRM OINL wasn't back as far as 08. Our

13 counsel press press said I would have say the 82 an it would

14 have been even Moore DRAT tick. To reelly look NOOFRT seeing

15 if there is awaying to to Moore fair an he can equipment TABL.

16 Boston to not tin to do what WEEFB doing. Been forced to do

17 because it's alack of asignificant pouring of lobing

18 California aid. Than Iing you.


20 Q.

21 THE COURT: Than Iing you u county counsel Arizona.

22 That document matter 03999 labor YUT affairs an health. Mad

23 mad clerk 0404 is. Door 04104 counsel murmur offers the

24 following order NARNTS regarding could not discussions an ore

25 supports relate Ted head JRS affecting study dents at least in


1 Boston elementary middle an second DARry schools.

2 THE COURT: Document document 0402 counsel murmur

3 offers the following order for ahiring to pro I'd have aupdate

4 on the progress of placing check BOOM book for the SUTty of

5 Boston online. Document document 0404 counsel MUR MRUR offers

6 the following order for ahearing regarding concurrent

7 jurisdiction of state controlled properties within the sittive

8 Boston.


10 Q. Chair recognize Is press press murmur.

11 Q. GLOEFRMENTS these 3 document KETS AR all re filed

12 action that is were in committee last year an we held hearings

13 on that had not quite closed the deal. 0401 is a#06RD tenants

14 I am offering that is reelly the first of its kinds in the

15 country which would try to protect study dents at LEETSZ an

16 kids in little lesion an pop Warner lesion on Boston fields

17 from the exploding EB EP deck DEM Mick an its ates been going

18 to on for anumb of years an people are focusing on

19 concussions. An know one has reelly legislation late Ted this

20 in alocalety around the country. It issing is that is going

21 to take so many work to do. Because WIEK put apolicy in place

22 for school children through our school department fairly

23 he'sly but to get out an actually please these lesion that are

24 holding, you know, games an supporting events on our

25 facilities would be alittle bit Moore did I have. We might


1 even have to do this in 2 SFAJS. But the eye deis to protect

2 our young ITS kids from brain JR an rents study dissay that

3 that hams way Moore off ten in contact supports that what we

4 as asocietity are YUSed to. So he I am looking forward to

5 moving that purchase forward an having so many work dig down

6 to see how much this will take an how many people we need to

7 get to buy in on this to offer those porn protecting.

8 Document document 0402, simply is aupdate last year. We held

9 ahearing an OEBLly the state TRESH remember was in pros he is

10 of putting the STHATS checkbook online an is doing agood job.

11 We'd ahearing last YIERP on that VE BLAER an the progress was

12 can made buy our chief financings officers office an

13 procurement offers an others along those lines. There was

14 software an actually hardware an software upgrades that were

15 kneed an DISHL information an they were on course to do it we

16 agreed WREE going to meet around budget time to discussion for

17 aPOB update on that. That is simply I am filing that order so

18 he week have that conversation an thirdly. There is an going

19 dispute that is HARJ our efforts on public safetity on our own

20 wear front an that is under mass supports AE auspices, the

21 state please have total TAL whole entire injuries damages

22 overall mass port property an mass port is doing much Moore

23 than just ring running aairport an see support they are reelly

24 in the reel he state business right now an they own about 30

25 percent of the sought Boston wear front an we're having aVE VE


1 did I have time in aKOUM of areas. One, we can'ts respond.

2 We're not the POBS prime articlery responding eight see to

3 crimes down on mass port property. It's the state please. We

4 can't follow up because we can't respond. The STHAT please

5 aren't following up the way the Boston please would. An

6 THIRTly an most PORNLly I saw the chairperson of the lies

7 ensing board in here aKOUM minutes ago. The sitty of Boston

8 lies enses the premises over there on mass port property.

9 They're not mass port lies enses, they are Boston lies enses

10 an your Honor NT currents please did I employment the Boston

11 please cannot go in to please those lies ensed premises

12 because even those they're our lies enses, our MREETS

13 department does NT have any please powers in those premises

14 because they're on mass port property. Of the state please

15 are preincludeses from going into allies enses bite did he

16 have vision of there job. So he FRANGly nobody is pleasing,

17 an I was at aevent last year at one of those facilities an

18 mass port please came in an were warning people about over

19 SKROUDing an they don't have any STHORT to warn about that

20 even though the property t they are the owner in of the

21 property an the property is leased bite operator, mass port

22 please has know authority to enforce over crowding or alcohol

23 lick beverage laws even on their own property. That comes

24 from asitty or town. So he there is this area where there is

25 FRANGly know response I believe the pleasing going on. There


1 is abill up in the legislation late tour that we've support

2 Ted an we're supporting. An the mayor an all of us, to try to

3 move tan we've actually GT about four an ahalf months to move

4 it right now. An it's time to re seen the hearing here to try

5 to jump start that effort because it's reelly DSH we're kind

6 of walking with a way on our own obligation of public safetity

7 in our own sitty if we allow this inI canty to tin. So he I

8 look forward to hearing all of these matters over the next few

9 weeks an hopefully week make so many progress on areas that I

10 think are VE VE porn to all of us. Than Iing u Mr. President?

11 THE COURT: Than Iing you, mat mad clerk please

12 refer 040 government opposite. 0402. Ways ans means an 0404

13 to public safetity.


15 Q. Mad mad DLESHG personnel orders?

16 THE COURT: Document document numb Connecticut could

17 not Mr. President Mr. President. Sorry there are aBUFRN much

18 of lights. My apolicy GI. Chair recognize he is sit at this

19 time counsel John Connecticut. Glad we've re stored apress

20 press who will recollect nice all the counsel SLOIRS. I just

21 wish to have my name added to 0401.


23 Q. An I en commends you on the HASH shoe around

24 TOOFRMENT is there?

25 Q. MREEFRPS also at the name of the counsel TEET TEET


1 jack jack on could nots could nots RINL RINL MOEP mow Lynn

2 Lynn STHOO rots rots on all 3.

3 Q. Than Iing you?

4 THE COURT: Mad mad clerks personnel orders SGLFD

5 counsel murmur offers. Counsel LA LA OOFRDZ use SFENGS

6 STOCHLT 040 five. All those ins TAFR sigh eye. Know. Ice

7 have it ant document document 040 five is passed.

8 THE COURT: Dodge document 0406.

9 THE WITNESS: Counsel LA LA moves suspension. S

10 rules an package of document date of birth 0406. All those in

11 favor sigh ice Al know 23406789.

12 THE WITNESS: Ice have at any time ARJTS anning

13 document document 0406 has passed.

14 THE COURT: Document document 040 P.

15 THE COURT: Counsel LA LA moves suspension of the

16 rules an package of document document 0407. All those in

17 favor say aye. Opposed know: Ice have it an document

18 document 0407 has passed.

19 THE COURT: I am informed bite clerk that there is

20 one late filed mayor which in absence of objection will be

21 added to today's AE agenda. Seeing an hearing know objection.

22 Counsel John could not. Sorry. Mr. President Mr. President.

23 I you know what. It's asneak preview offing is I would prefer

24 to properly file next week so he I will withdraw. With draws

25 at this time: Anybody wishing to rye move the matter from the


1 green sheets may do so he at this time: Sitty counsel -- --


3 Q. If you look at page Pfeiffer I have 9 #23R9 GREERN

4 sheets?

5 A. To an there is actually so many substitute laning

6 WAJ I would like to offer as amendmentment.

7 Q. May need MUN you know where you are?


9 THE WITNESS: GLOO may need to union could not could

10 nots where you're asking for you know #23450U laning WAJ:



13 THE COURT: Counsel back in session.


15 Q. Mad mad clerk please read the document document in

16 question (?


18 THE CLERK: Clerk 0 document document 02374 offers

19 buy mayor mayor men men reads members of the jury an orders or

20 approving ahome rule peat to the general court entitled aact

21 amendmenting the preparation of certain ballots in the sit

22 itty of Boston.

23 THE COURT: Chair recognizes counsel mat --. We're

24 looking for asecond (.

25 THE COURT: Second counsel Ross Ross an RAR RARP.


1 THE WITNESS: Mat mat -- Es we'd ahearing on dues

2 Tuesday February February 21 in support of this home rule peat

3 this issing is the previously questions counsel have worked on

4 reelly beginning in 2007 ran what this he peat seeks to do is

5 address am BUG tease annex test the 201 of the acts of the

6 20150. ISHL didly seems to clarify who pays the cost

7 aassociate Kated it with aprepare. Visit that mes ballots.

8 Right now sitty intours those cost the which did orring to the

9 election department reach up warts of 70 thousand dollars for

10 the most recent election the press deposition preference prime

11 prime of last WEEVENLTH of hours to this career we've have PEL

12 March March 4 an then the state prime prime September

13 September an press deposition election in November NOECHL.

14 California DAR year to leech upwards of $300,000 witness sit

15 itty of paying. However Moore SPORNLly this bill seeks to

16 increase the cry cry in determining which presense receive buy

17 link link ballots. Right now the sole criterion BROCHL. Laud

18 DER daily love KET din BAUM list this roam rule. Census

19 tracks. American communitity surveys. Advice from the

20 commission NERS ease DAS can fours as we will as the laud laud

21 can hes can hes list. . Seen your housing an public housing

22 development where knew boss tone YANS re site. There was so

23 many concern with certain state hold DERS. Groups as this

24 bill came occupy. There was ameeting last pry Friday with the

25 commissioner and. This sort of far reaching Moore SPROE


1 deposition identification laning WAJ was clued an that is AE

2 what the amendmentment to this bill that the Smitty

3 financialing her has passed out with everily were you not.

4 Every are you within SACHLT. Safe GARTS an pro DPEKS in terms

5 of making sure there was anotify case periods of one month

6 prior to the election GS in terms of what I presense will get.

7 WUM sitty to save hundreds of how it sands ever doll Lars

8 while pro I'd having Moore BLIE buy language CHIENL niece BLAM

9 BLLTS to people who need them P if you belief that I do that

10 we SLUD be going to NIFRG week to increates anning at the

11 time. I urge to please support in vote nor this home rule

12 peat. Than Iing you Mr. President Mr. President are Arizona

13 Arizona. MAING you u Mr. President Mr. President. I am

14 thrilling to be voting on this an look aring forward to be

15 voting in the affirmative an to say that its eats also just

16 good to leave in the sitty of that understands that part of

17 our roll is to ensure that everiry one who would like to

18 participate in our SIFK pros he is can. If you watching the

19 news now there are am I states that I believe passing pleasure

20 sure that intentionally restrict vote TER participation an

21 this is the exact opposite of that so he immigrate full for

22 this. But I D. Govern government offs. My good friend an

23 felly scram jam plain in that he reelly did work reelly lard

24 with the VAR why yous groups to get to where we're today. An

25 if you didn't know about the pros he is.


1 MR. EUFPLT: Sure you sure he would like. NOCHLT

2 share but I than Iing you, chairman nor wok, with the

3 administration working with the groups an getting you wills to

4 where we're now. I BREELly aREESH YAT T SDLANG you counsel

5 Arizona. TEET TEET jab jack.

6 THE COURT: I just stand to commend the chair for

7 taking the time to make sure that all voices WRR MERD an will

8 thes it's not who have ten that we'ving is before us that

9 increases inclusion but also cost the us less Monday any. An

10 so he I reelly appreciate the chair bringing this matter in

11 front of us. I am sure there are am I other things that week

12 do with the substanchion amount of money any an $300,000. An

13 lead DER ship as we will as inclusion an patients on this

14 matter. Than Iing you.

15 THE COURT: Than Iing u counselian jack.

16 THE COURT: Little bin. Than Iing u MRP

17 Mr. President. I rise inform support the chair an signs I was

18 the could he SXONS sore of the original SPEGS law an again the

19 sponsor of the law that #5E78Ded that to see the sun is hes

20 includes will be re moved I think again the chair has done aex

21 ordinary job in making folks all feel good about this SPORN

22 piece of legislation.

23 THE COURT: Than Iing u counsel counsel LA LA.

24 Counsel -- at this time moves package NMENTD amendmented form

25 of 0274 all those in favor a sigh. NOECHL the items have it


1 ants 02747.


3 Q. There thes one late file matter in absence of the

4 objection will be added to today's AE could not JENTS ageneral

5 DACHLT. Chair moves adoption of the Connecticut agenda at

6 this time. All those FA favor sigh eye. Know mosted know.

7 Items have it ants could not send aais adopts Ted. No at this

8 time in time the counsel is preparing to add JURN. I had AE

9 ask all NEMS an all guess the to please rise counsel will ad

10 JURN in memory of the following videos this week for counsel

11 LA LA ray month BLIEer an grace bore RAS so he. For county

12 counsel Lynn Lynn which will YT HAUF letter. Marchry W

13 O'Brien. Gloria M Stoddard. For county counsel bake bake.

14 March re awall DREN. For counsel YANS YANS Paul Edwin

15 Johnson. An for counsel -- Lee -- wells. I had AE ask all in

16 aten dense to please take amoment of silence for the afor

17 men'ses videos:

18 THE COURT: Than Iing you noting. When he the

19 counsel ad JURNS today today will it go so he in the memory of

20 the aforementioned videos an is schedule you'll to meet again

21 on Wednesday Wednesday March March 28 the at 12:00 o'clock

22 noon. All those in favor say aye. -- all those hoe

23 NOEFRMENTS know SGLIECHLTSZ. Size have it bite aWHAR. Live

24 sewed BIEFRMENTS ad journals.



Voting closed 0

RTF2Writer Utility for installing a non-CATalyst Dictionary in a writer
Size: 247KB Date: 2-11-2010
Even if you don’t have Stenograph’s Case CATalyst software, you can enjoy instant translation of your written steno into text on the Diamante, élan Mira or Stentura Fusion display screen. Simply create an RTF-CRE personal dictionary and up to seven job dictionaries from your CAT software and use the instructions and the RTF2Writer utility provided.

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An action to get Boston City Council to open .sgstn stenographic stenonote record of public meetings in plain text...

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