Only in New England: Which town has the best Christmas tree made out of lobster traps?

Good Morning Gloucester posts a completely unbiased poll on the efforts of Gloucester and two other ports.



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Gloucester wins!

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Their lobster pot tree is definitely an impressive creation!

On a different subject: While I do believe that in the grand scheme of things Joey is a nice guy, he has a mouth on him at times. In an artistic critique of Provincetown's shabby tree he remarks, "Isn't Provincetown where all the gays are?"

Dude, why even go there? You come across like an ignorant ass, and while it is a personal blog, comments like this don't cast the city in the best light. Just zip it every now and then, please.

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Lobster Trap Tree

By Joey C on

If you're gonna quote me, quote the whole thing which was a compliment to the gays who must be horrified that that Provincetown tree is what is representing their hometown.-

"Isn’t Provincetown where all the gays are? I know the gays are better than this, much more creative and artistic. Be better Provincetown, you’re not representing well here- at all."

I believe my gay peeps would agree with me on this.

Homophobic folk might think that saying Gay or Gays is somehow an affront.

To me it's a compliment to state that places where gays decide to settle in generally have better artistic and creative attributes.

if you're gonna quote me, again quote it in context.


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