Outrage as Sox players express admiration for Raul Ibanez home run

You'd almost think Cody Ross and Will Middlebrooks pissed on home plate at Fenway or something last night. Both were watching the Yankees/Tigers game and both tweeted their amazement/admiration for Raul Ibanez's ninth-inning home run.

And parts of Red Sox Nation lost their collective mind.

Last night, Ross tweeted, simply:


Middlebrooks was even more effusive:

This is simply insane... #raul

Raul Ibanez is the St Louis Cardinals funneled into one man.

How dare they!

Alex B, a Boston native now living in Ft. Lauderdale, tweeted at Middlebrooks:

Life is norhing without loyalty. Hope Sox shitcan u

And then to both Middlebrooks and Ross:

hmm odd how real Red Sox like Pedey and Papi aren't on the yankees jock like you two

I am a baseball fan. Sorry

Just lost half my followers Smh

Since I've ruffled so many feathers tonight lets stay with the trend and tell me who's going to win the election?

Middlebrooks also replied:

??? For watching baseball? lmao get a life RT @abart76: @middlebrooks Life is norhing without loyalty. Hope Sox shitcan u

Na man. New rule. We cant watch. Turn off your tv now. RT @IamCodyRoss: I am a baseball fan. Sorry

I love baseball. Love playing. Love watching. Love seeing guys come up clutch in big situations. It's why we all play the game.

Some fans jumped to the players' defense. Take Kevin Daly, who tweeted:

I was born and bred in Boston & have lived & breathed Sox since day 1. But it's OK to be a baseball fan as well.

And Colin Steele:

You guys did nothing wrong. Don’t let a few morons represent the rest of us fans.



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I mean it's not like they had lunch with a Yankee player during the season while both players had the day off or were on the DL or anything...

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Ridiculous reaction by those

By SupGup on

Ridiculous reaction by those "fans". Loved it when Cody Ross tweeted later about the election. Gotta respect a guy who likes to stir the pot.

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Good Sportsmanship

Boston players seem to have it. Boston fans ... not so much.

Being a poor sport is part of being a Masshole, after all!

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Yeah, we Massholes were awful after the Stanley Cup last summer

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...oh, wait, that was in Vancouver.

Anyway people sometimes seem to forget that Cody Ross has been here for an eyeblink and knows that he's a tradeable commodity who might be a Yankee a year from now. We're the ones born here, raised here, stuck here with these chumps for life; it's not like we can be lifelong Yankee fans and then switch to the Mets in the 80s when the Yanks stink.

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Hey look, over there!

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So... uh... Vancouver hockey fans rioted more than a year ago and that somehow lets provincial Sox fans off the hook for being numbskulls? Incredible logic.

"We're the ones born here, raised here, stuck here with these chumps for life." Nobody's really explained life to you, have they? Professional sports are business enterprises. People born who are born in a city or region and live there until adulthood are under no obligation to root for a city's or region's professional sports team.

It may startle you to learn that the area you live in is also home to a number of New York Giants fans who were not born in New York and never lived there. It is also home to Pittsburgh Steelers, Dallas Cowboys and even Baltimore Colts/Ravens fans who've never kept an address in any of those areas.

There are even people who don't root for a team's region or that regional team's laundry, but love the sport. These are people who can appreciate LeBron James' progression without instantly labeling him a traitor or jackass. They can marvel at the Seahawks' rookie quarterback without being accused of treason. They can watch young NHL players push for 60 goals half a continent away and not have the context blemished by the local team's failure to make the playoffs.

Cody Ross and Will Middlebrooks fall into the latter category. They'll have played in multiple cities during their career, as Ross has, or will play in multiple places as Middlebrooks will. They play baseball because they love baseball, not because they envision their life to be some early reading of Fever Pitch. In an industry where players migrate, teams move, stadiums rise and fall and uniforms change color each time a team seeks more merchandise revenue, it's the game that always remains the same.

Being a fan of a player or team is a great way to get stuck. Being a fan of a game opens a whole world of opportunity.

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Check out Alex's other tweets

Check out Alex's other tweets too. What a self-entitled twat. Seriously, you do need to grow up if you can't realize that professionals should recognize the work of other professionals, regardless of ridiculous rivalries. It's called being an adult.

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